Logan and Kaela

Logan and Kaela have been busy going to school, playing ball and still finding time to travel and minister with us. We seem to take our children for granted many times and don’t recognize the sacrifice they make every weekend. I want to make you a promise to post pictures and keep all of you informed about their lives as well. Let me know if I start sleeping on the job. I want to give them the credit and recognition they deserve. These pictures are from their spring sports banquet. Logan played basketball and Kaela played basketball and volleyball. I’m also going to start posting pictures on the blog photos page, so check them out.


  1. Kaela and Logan are some the greatest kids in the world. I am very proud of them! I love you!

  2. Logan and Kaela are very special to myself as well as my husband. These are exceptional children and they are a testimony to the parents of a job WELL DONE! It didn’t hurt them one bit being brought up in the back of a bus traveling from church to church spreading Our Father’s gospel. They are still “well rounded” children with their academics, school, activities and they still have time to watch a video or play a game. hmm amazing!! Love you guys, pam

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