Wednesday, June 24th

Hey Everybody,
Well…things have been really hopping around here lately. Last week we had the priveledge to meet a lot of new friends in Marion, IN. We were part of a 4 day tent revival hosted by Faith Baptist Church. It was an awesome experience and we really saw God working in the lives of those that attended. Shawn and I also got to play golf 3 times during that trip…which equals what I had played ALL last year!!! Thanks to everyone that made it a wonderful week!

Bridget and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on June 19th… and today (June 24th) is 16 years for Shawn and LeeAnn! Kaela has been really busy with softball and tomorrow is her first All-Star game! We have posted new pictures from the last week…click here to check them out.

Also, we are trying something new with the updates…so please take a moment to post a comment or question and see what kind of discussion we can get started. We will be right in the middle of the conversation!!!


  1. Congratulations to you on your Anniversaries. That makes me happy you share the love for one another as soul mates forever. It also makes me happy because my birthday is June 25. I knew there was a GREAT BIG Bond that I felt for the DILL’S. LOL.

    GOD Bless your families. I LOVE your music!!


    Kia Goldberg Winton Rd. 1st. Church of God

  2. Enjoy your new site.
    Congratulations to ya all on your anniversaries.
    Are mom and dad Dill coming to Canada this summer?
    Del & Ruth
    London, Ontario

    1. Hey Del,
      I know that they have talked about coming up…but I’m not sure when. If it gets much hotter in Tennessee then it will probably be really soon!

  3. Glad to hear that you are all doing fine. Can’t wait until you come back to south carolina. My husband and I will be celebrating our 16th annivasary on wed. the 1st of July. Mid-way baptist church family is doing fine as well. We will keep all of you in our prayers and thoughts. Your sister in christ, Diane

  4. Congratulations on your anniversaries. I celebrated a birthday on June 19 so that is a great day.
    I just love your website and hope to see you again at Dry Valley in Trion Ga.

  5. Happy Anniversary to all four of you all!

    It is totally amazing to see how the Lord is blessing the Dills ministry! I am very honored to call you friends and very proud of you all and what you all stand for. Keep singing for him! I am praying for you all and look forward to seeing you all sunday! Your BIGGEST Fan Jennifer!

  6. Great email & Congratulations!!! Me and my wife Tricia celebrated 23 years June 7th. Looking forward to
    seeing you the 3rd of July in East Prairie, Mo. Elm Street Baptist Church is ready for the blessing’s your songs and words do for each of us. Make sure to dress for the heat, plenty to eat and lot’s of cold drink.

  7. Congrats to all!! I love this new page you have..great idea!! See you all in Munford Sunday! Arrive Safe!

  8. The Dills hold a very close place in our hearts. We get excited everytime we see a new door open for you.
    You are carrying on the family tradition and these days that is rare. God bless in everything you do. Jimmy and I will be married 26 years on July 1st.

    1. Our family has been extremely blessed over the years. It amazes me every time I think about what God has done though our lives! He deserves all of the Praise!!!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary. I love getting your newsletter, getting to see how much the babies have grown. God bless ya’ll and hope to see ya’ll at Temple Baptist in Milan, Tennessee again real soon

  10. Well I didn’t really offer…you just sorta invited yerself. LOL. Just kidding!! You know that! That bus is welcomed in my driveway anytime! We love you guys! We’ll probably see you in East Prairie.

  11. I hear that you all might be at my church (Grace Baptist, Morristown TN) soon. Is this true? I love hearing you all and hope to see you there.Can´t wait to see the babies in person.

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