Tuesday, June 30th

We sent out a survey several months ago and asked for suggestions to improve our newsletter. As a result we have made extensive changes to the way the newsletter will be created, maintained and distributed. Many of you asked for testimonies and more personal information about what was happening in our family. You also wanted us to share stories about people we have met, places we have been and include even more pictures and videos. We concluded that this would be handled better by making the newsletter a part of our website…and allow YOU to post comments. This will give everyone a more open forum to share with each other! You will receive an email notification when a new post has been added to the site. Then you should click on the READ MORE link to read the rest of the newsletter and take part in the discussion.

This past Sunday we led the morning worship service at Munford Baptist Church…which is LeeAnn & Shawn’s old church home. We always have a great time worshipping with them and this past Sunday was no exception. An invitation was offered in the middle of the service and many came to the altar to spend time in prayer. We’re not sure what decisions were made…but we know that the Lord was at work! We did post a few pictures, so click here to check them out.

We’ve had several request to add more video of Ansleigh and Bryleigh. It does not seem like it…but as of yesterday, they are 13 months old! …Time does really pass by quickly. Below is a short video from their First Birthday party! Hope you enjoy.



    1. I agree with you Pam, they did go through alot to have those adorable girls and Bridget and Tim are great parents.

  2. These are really 2 more of God’s blessings. You were at Grace Baptist Church recently and I attend there and it was a blessing. I think my 13 month old grandson, Tosh, got as big a blessing as we did. Even at his age, he knows when God is being revered in song. God bless you and God bless these 2 angels.

  3. I really enjoyed the concert last sunday morning in Munford! You all did a awesome job! 🙂

    I can’t believe the girls are already 13 mths old..Time flys! They are precious!

    Love you all!

    1. You are welcome! Please pray for her and her son. They really need it. Thanks! See ya sunday!

  4. It is hard to believe that the twins are already 1 year old! They are so sweet and adorable. I love the part where they are tearing their little cakes apart and getting it all over them! That was something we did with all our children, and it brings back fond memories. All of you are such precious people, and we love all of you very much.

  5. The girls are absolutely precious. It is hard to believe they are 1 year old. My prayers are always with you all. I truly enjoy hearing from you and love you very much. I truly enjoyed your concert at our Church (Calvary Baptist Churh, Connersville, IN).

  6. It is great to help a great ministry like The Dills have! We are not giving very much, but God’s amazing grace and love is flowing through each and every penny of that money. Thanks for letting us play a small part in it.
    Joann Bredlove

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  1. Sing To The King The Dills 3:42
  2. One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails) The Dills 4:01
  3. In Christ Alone The Dills 4:33
  4. How Great Thou Art The Dills 4:45
  5. Your Grace Still Amazes Me The Dills 5:23
  6. 10000 Reasons The Dills 5:02
  7. Blessed Be Your Name The Dills 4:27
  8. Power Of The Cross The Dills 4:12
  9. Come Now Is The Time To Worship The Dills 4:42
  10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness The Dills 4:17