Twins Start Kindergarten

Twin's 1st Day of KindergartenIt’s hard to believe this day has already arrived, but our little girls have started Kindergarten!  It seems like only yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital!  We have struggled with the decision over the last 5 years of whether to do home-school, public school or private school… and we’ve weighed the benefits and struggles that we may face with each.  I’m sure that everyone has a personal experience they could share about the route they chose… or maybe you are facing this same decision and don’t know what to do!

As we left the girls at school on their first day, I can honestly say it’s one of the hardest things that Bridget and I have done as parents!  We’ve been blessed to be at home with them for the last 5 years (not one day of daycare) and that has been an amazing blessing!  I understand that not every parent has had that privilege, and we thank God for allowing us that time with them.  That opportunity and decision is one that I know we will never regret!

They are attending a public elementary school that we’ve heard great things about.  It’s actually the same school that Bridget attended when she was a little girl!  Also, they have already fallen in love with their teacher, Mrs. Mayo!  Our hope is that, even at the age of 5, they will be a light for Christ to those around them.  We know that there will be challenges along the way, and would appreciate your prayers for them (and us) as we begin this journey for the first time!

You can click here to see some of the pictures from their first day!


  1. They are precious and these are the days you will cherish. Believe me knowing as a Mother and Grandmother when they grow up things change.

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