Tim Gets His Hair Cut!

It seems like this is the most excitement that we’ve had around here lately. Tim thought that he needed a new look. This is the shortest that it has been in nearly 5 years! What do you think? Do you like the before…or after? Let us know! I know that he’ll be glad to hear from you.


      1. I met you guys at Crossroads on July 24th..it was an AWESOME singing. Oh back to Tim’s hair lol now u look more like your brother!!

  1. Looks good and I think I see ahint of gray. That is the color that is in style now. Take care! Love Morris

  2. I really like the new cut, and I’m glad that guys think about changing their looks with a new “do”!!
    Do I detect some facial hair/like a mustache and goatee??

  3. I like your new hair cut. It makes you look very distinguished…how do the twins like Daddy’s new look?

  4. The new cut looks good, but can’t figure out why the color looks so different. ;~) Now, you just need to smile as big as you did in the before. :~)

  5. love the new hair do it is so you much less for ansleigh ans bryleigh to pull

  6. Hello, Tim. I like the new look. Did Zach inspire you when you were here in Muncie?? LOL. I like the old look, too. Most of all, I like the HEARTS of all the Dill family who sing for Jesus!! It shows each time we see you. God bless!!

  7. Hey cornbread. I think you look pretty spiffy. But I would like you any old way.

  8. Tim, I like the new look! I’m just jealous that I didn’t get to do the honors of giving you the new look, I’m a hairdresser/barber of 44 years and still at it!!Anyway, I still love you and the rest of the Dills!!!!! May God continue to Bless you in your ministry!

  9. I love it..LOOks great.. better short.. gotta get used 2 when u come 2 concerts..LOL

  10. I think you new hair cut is very becoming. It makes you look younger. Princess

  11. I love your haircut, You are too cute. May God Bless all of you.It always good to see you all on Wed nights.

  12. Your haircut looks great! You look like some actor ,but I just can’t remember who or what show thinging someone in the seventy !!!!!

  13. Yep..it looks great….but my views on hair is…do what ever you want…it’s only hair..it will grow back regardless….Saw y’all in MO at Crossroads Worship Center and loved the show….God Bless y’all..

  14. WOW. You look great!! Just be careful. The shorter your hair gets the more it wants to move out!!

  15. Bro. Tim- Yea! You are so with it! Love the D00! -We Love you guys! We had the greatest worship ever Sunday Night- We laughed so hard as well!

    Pastor Darryl
    Freedom Baptist – Ranburne

    1. We did have an awesome time. We’re expecting the Lord to continue to do Great things at Freedom Baptist. Keep on encouraging those young folks!

  16. Tim-
    I love the new “DO” it is very becoming! How did the girls react? I know when my husband cut his hair or changed his facial hair, our girls were always taken back by it.

  17. Well Tim now your starting to look your age, is that a little well alot of gray hair bud. You look fine, we don’t care about your hair for as long as you sing fair.

  18. I really like the new shorter look. Don’t feel bad the boys have given me lots of gray also.

  19. Tim,
    I do agree with all the others, it does look good, but I will have to confess that the first thing I thought about was that I thought I saw one color in particular standing out!!!! shhhh…we won’t tell…..probably if I took a good look at mine…I could say the say the same thing!…..

  20. not bad. your hair color seems to look a little different. 🙂 I’ve had similar problem. seems that when you get alot of hair cut off the color changes. I think personally someone plants it there to replace the good color, don’t you? lol

  21. Timmy, I cannot believe you got this much feedback over your hair. Oh my goodness! I am rolling! Hey, by the way, what are you doing this Saturday night? HA! HA! You know I love ya brotha!ABBAGOODA! J-Bird

  22. 08/06/09
    The hair cut looks great. Makes you look more distinguished and more fatherly like. HaHa But then with two girls, (three girls oops), that might happen. LOL

  23. Hello there Tim and the rest of the Dills!
    I was a teenager in the 70’s, when the guys all wore the longer hair, so perhaps my reason for preferring the longer hair (or in our case, as I also have the natural curly hair), the “fuller” look!!).
    But either way, Tim, you look great!

  24. Hi Tim, you know it hard to improve on somesone who is already “perfect in every way” anyway. The hair cut is great. You look good both ways so what ever suits you and the rest just tickles me to death. I am so sorry I missed you all when you were in Morristown. I didn’t know about it(my fault, I should have been checking more often) and I was so unset with myself. I hope next time I will be more alert and get to see all of you.
    Love to all of you,
    Waunita from Calvary Bapttist Church Morristown, TN

  25. Love the cut, time for Clairol!! Hey, you’ve got a mother-in-law for a beautician. You’re smile is what makes you so “beautiful”! LOL God Bless You, Tim!

  26. Tim I did not read one negative remark about your hair could have missed it…Keep trying to get Bill Bailey to Book you down here…People love your group in Florida to.God Bless
    PS: hope Lee Ann did got today at her interview

  27. Hey Tim, Love the new cut. When are you guys coming back to the Murray, Ky. area. Haven’t seen you this way lately.


  29. New look is really good. I too think the smile and your heart are your biggest assets. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at NQC. Keep up the good work. I know the Lord is working thru your group.


  30. Tim: I don’t care how long or short your hair is, just keep singing that good gospel music.

  31. Great look, since we haven’t ever seen it anyother way than the before. Margaret thinks the light color is showing more. She’s been married to a white haired guy for 42 years. Luv you guys, keep on singing for the Lord.

  32. Tim,
    LOve the new cut! Did the girls look at you differently? If not they will one day and they will coment too. Travel safe this weekend. Praying for you guys.
    michelle and the boys (all 3)

  33. Hey Tim,
    Love the haircut! Much more mature, but could use alittle “Just for Men”! LOL! Children do that to you,but they are worth every gray hair they cause. Love to all!

  34. Hey, The new cut is cooler in this hot weather but I kind of like the longer version.Its unique.

  35. Tim, why the haircut now? Did it take you too long or what? Maybe the girls are keeping you a lot more busy these days….they have effect on us! Like the look but what about the ‘flat thumbs’? Just kidding.
    Live, love and laugh my friend.

  36. When you all come back to Scotland (GMC) SABRE will not know you!! so please let it grow back or you want get in the house!!

    Cairo Egypt

  37. Tim
    When you return to your 2nd home for the GMC Scotland(LW)Sabre will not know you! and would not let you stay. So you will have to let it all grow back in!!

    Cairo Egypt

  38. I liked your hair before. You could probably go just a little shorter than the before, but I believe it is in how you feel. I think you looked happier with it long. My son tries to get me to go natural as I color my hair, but I turned grey early in life and I am just not ready to look and feel ten years older than I am. It will affect your personality. It does not look bad after just that you seem happier before.

  39. I can’t believe how many comments that this has received… guess I’ll have to keep everybody guessing on what the next style will be! Stay tuned!

  40. Options? Must be nice to have em!! Its the smile and the fire inside that makes you my friend. Can’t wait to hear ya’ll at Hillcrest!!

  41. Only because you asked, my vote is for “before.” It is a trademark, isn’t it? Briget should have the most important input! You likely surprised your girls!

    Your friends,
    Jerry and Marcia Bertram
    (white-haired grandpa and grandma)
    Marion, IN

  42. cut looks good, you just cut off all your (just for men) hair color. What do I say, you just look GOOD

  43. Hi I like the longer look; I will be honest not nice. Have your own look and that was the way peple knew you I suppose you should do what you like or feel comfortable with Bye Dave.


  45. Love the new look. Looks like the girls have added a little gray! Love ya brother. Keep smiling and when in Bargersville; the griddle will be on……

  46. Congratulations on the Big Boy haircut – looks good both ways. The big question is always if your wife likes it. I concur with previous posts… a little gray coming in??

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