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Do you ever spend a lot of time working on things, but never feel like you get anything done? That has been my week so far! On our last several trips we’ve noticed that the bus engine has been running hotter than normal and we’ve come to the conclusion that the radiator needs to be replaced. We have also had a few problems with the starter on the bus and knew that we would have to replace it in the near future. So I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to research the most “price conscience” (cheapest) way to resolve these problems.

The cost for a new complete radiator assembly from Prevost is approx. $3,500 but you can purchase just the core for $2,000. That would seem like the best option… but after some research I found out that we could get a core built for only $1,300! So that has been ordered and will hopefully arrive on Monday of next week. I also ordered a new starter for $350 that will arrive tomorrow and be ready to put on next week. Just part of the joy (and responsibility) of owning a bus! So, if you’re in the Jackson area and would like to get a little greasy next week… come on out!


  1. hi all,
    may GOD BLESS YOU ALL! also am praying for the lord to bless you with the money for your bus parts.i would gladly come help if i were close around your way,you people rock! i mean in the lord!!!have a great day!
    love and prayers,

  2. Don’t know much about a bus, but in a car, the overheating might be a sign of a thermostat going bad, or if you’re adding water or coolant, check for a crack in the overflow container or a hose. But I’m sure the two “bus drivers” have already thought of this. Praying things are worked out soon and inexpensive. Have a Blessed week.

  3. LeeAnn! Your husband is absolutely right. He does have a beautiful wife!! I want to congratulate you on your GOOD NEWS!! May God be ever at your side and help you do your absolute best. I know that you will!!! God bless you!! I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. I’ve heard about people being ‘rotten to the core’, so I guess it can apply to raditors also! LOL
    See you next time you are in this area.

  5. Followed your thread from Facebook over to here, Tim. So sorry that you’re going through this. At a concert once, I laughed when Tony Greene said that on every bus, somewhere, there’s an engraved sign hidden saying “This coach was made in H—“! We run a Class A RV with a Cummins diesel, and there’s just always something going on. I pray that you’ll be able to get it fixed in good order. Best wishes, and hopefully, once it’s all done, you’ll have a lot of miles with no problems. We recently parked next to a guy that had an ’09 XL II, and he told me that right from the start, they’ve had problems. Seems even the new million-dollar-plus rigs have issues too!

  6. Congratulations, LeeAnn! We’re all proud and happy for you!
    Tim, I can see if the egg hobbyist can make the trip over. He is a bus mechanic.

  7. WE will keep you in our prayers and Lee Ann we are glad you got accepted…and Shawn I agree you have a beautiful wife and so does Tim..
    Are people still Face-booking you about your hair…will God Bless The Dills and hope to see them in Florida soon since Shawn did not drive down the other night…

  8. I want to wish you all the best and will keep you all in my prayers.God Bless each one of you.

  9. Are ya’ll planning on coming to Temple Baptist, Milan Tenn, any time soon? Hope so. Love ya’ll. Good luck with the bus.

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