Thursday, July 30

We had an interesting time on the road last weekend! Last Friday night we got to worship with our friends at Crossroads Worship Center in Braggadocio, MO. We shared the stage with the groups, Gloryland and New Ground! We made some new friends and had a wonderful night of worship! Saturday night we sang at Providence Baptist Church in Lafe, AR. Since the church was preparing for VBS at the church, they had it decorated with all kinds of wild animals! It was the first time that we had ever shared the stage with bears, a bobcat and a skunk! Also during the service a gentleman, Mr. Ray Coln, had to be carried out because he had a seizure. Ray’s family said he just got filled with emotion during the song I was singing, “Leaving on My Mind”, and that seemed to have led to the seizure. (He has them often when anxious or excited.) Ray is doing better, so we praise God for that! Sunday morning, we witnessed another young lady accept Christ in Piggott, AR… Hallelujah! Then after lunch on Sunday we noticed there was a large bolt in a back tire on the bus that resulted in a flat! We found an Auto Zone and attempted to plug the tire… but it didn’t work. However, while at the Auto Zone, Bridget and LeeAnn had the opportunity to witness to a young man that worked there. As we left, he thanked us for being the confirmation he’d been praying for… Just goes to prove that God has plans even in bad situations! After the service Sunday night in Jonesboro, AR we prayerfully drove nearly 200 miles with the tag axle raised up to make it back to the house. We are still praising God for a safe, uneventful trip home! Ain’t God good?!?!


  1. Yes, even in the bad times God has plans to work it for his Glory. Glad that Bridget and LeeAnn had the opportunity to witness to this guy. Thanks for letting the Lord use y’all to further his kingdom. I am so glad that y’all made it home safely. I love y’all bunches!

  2. Tim, I still think you need a disclaimer or some sort of warning before you start singing…just an idea

    1. I knew that I could count on you to bring that up again! LOL It was great seeing you guys again. Thanks for everything…

  3. So glad you are safe. If I’m having a sleepless night, especially on the weekend, I use the time to pray for safety of the gospel singers traveling at night. God
    Bless You. L

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