What’s God doing in your life?

It amazes me that people can believe there is no God or that God is dead. He has definitely been at work all around us! On Sunday night we witnessed a young lady come to the altar and surrender her life to Jesus Christ. That always gives us the encouragement we need to keep on keeping on!

Please take a moment to share with our community what amazing things the Lord has been doing in your life! You never know…it just might be the encouragement that someone else needs to hear!


  1. You guys (and gals) are AWESOME!!! You come not to promote the Dills; But to glorify God. You are always welcome at Faith Baptist in Marion, Indiana.

  2. Several weeks ago we had a healing service at our church. My husband had arthritis and 2 patruding disc in his back. He has never been able to touch his toes or bend that far. He is now pain free HEALED. For the first time he bent over touched his toes jumped in the air and took off running down the isle. I was so over joyed I felt like running with him.

  3. I agree. I have made the comment several times that I do not know how anyone can live without knowing that God is here and have Him in their lives. Recently we had a very emotional problem I guess you would call it in our family. My 14 month old grandson’s parents were thinking of splitting. The church family prayed and now they are a happy family again. As a matter of fact, they seem to be happier than ever and so is my pride and joy, Tosh. I cannot praise God and the church family I have enough. Keep praying for them since they now have a house instead of the bathroom size apartment they were living in. You are an inspiration to all and God bless you.

  4. It is truly good to hear the spirit of God work thru you in testimony and song. Have a blessed day!

  5. Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I asked for prayer for a friend/fellow church member who had been diagnosed with leukemia.Well,I’m glad to report that those prayers have been answered!!!!He is now in remission,out of the hospital,and by God’s grace is planning to be in church Sunday!!!He does have 3 more treatments of chemo to go through and possibly a bone marrow transplant,but his faith is strong and he knows that God has carried him this far and will continue to carry him!God Is Good!!!Love ya’ll!!!!!

  6. Our daughter Cara has been without a job for 6 wks. she had been on several job interviews. she got a job working at a sports rehab in Mt. Juliet. She is going back to school to finish her degree in physical therapy. She is so excited to be getting this experience. Also our son Matt has been without a job in Atlanta and has now opened a sandwich shop. My mom, our daughter Christy & our grandbaby Annie (4 months old) were at our house this past weekend. It was so much fun to see my mom who is 90 and Annie interact. It brought tears to my eyes to see that blessing. we also made pictures of the 4 generations. So even thru the difficult times, my Jesus is there!!

  7. I have always said, I don’t know how anyone in this world could make it through everyday without God! My Church had been praying for years for my husband’s salvation. He has received Christ and goes to church with me every Sunday. I continued to go and invited him everytime and he would say I am not ready. I finally realized that it was me trying to make this happen instead of just sitting back, praying and waiting for God to take control. Our God is an Awesome God!

  8. Our God is so loving and caring. I lost my husband 6 months ago and have been trying to understand why and put my life back together without him. Your music has glorified myself, my God and my husband. Thank you for sharing. God is great. Blessings, Susan Huddleston

  9. I’d just like to say that your group is a blessing to me and my husband. It is wonderful to see young people like you, using your talent for the Lord. God’s blessings are without number, and your group is one of ours. We read every one of your mails and enjoy the pictures. The little “Crumb Grabbers” are so cute. Stay close to God and HE will stay close to you and bless you much!

    Gratefully saved, in Christ alone~~~Velma J. Brewer

  10. Hey guys, can’t wait to see you in august. Our church is advertising all over town that you are coming to goose creek south carolina. I would like you to pray for my neighbor he has been out of work for about two months. It sounds like god is hard at work in your lives. Stay focused on him and he will bless you.

  11. Hi to the Dills! It’s great to hear your stories of people receiving the Lord. He is awesome in power and majesty. Keep up the good work in His name and you will see the greatest things happen. As a side note (a prayer request), please keep my Pastor, Howard Elliott in your prayers. His cancer is back and he is going through treatments and needs all the prayer he can get! Thanks to your family for coming to our church her in Fairfield, OH to minister to us! We all love you guys!

    1. Thanks for letting us know about Pastor Elliott. We will defintitely pray for him. I’ll try to give him a call this next week to check on him.

  12. Hey guys! I am from Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Georgia. My family and I are always joked about being related to yall! But, God has done some amazing things in my life since He saved me as a 9 year old girl at VBS. I have grown so much stronger in Him and I do not see how people get through life without Him! I always get this peace when I pray and I know that God is right there with me and will help me through everything! Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe! God Bless!

  13. We may be related but if not we are brothers and sisters in Christ. I don’t see how people go through life without Him either. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  14. You guys keep on keeping on!!!
    God is always doing something in our lives, and I think we overlook much of it because we too many times are looking for the “big stuff”. If we would only “sit still” long enough and take time out of our “busy schedules” for God we may “see” more of what he is doing.

    Love you guys!!

  15. During our VBS this year, we were encouraged to watch for “God sightings”. Gerry’s right. My God sightings were what some would consider small or insignificant, but God, nevertheless. Blessings to you all! See you in Connersville!

  16. Just saw you gys at Underwood Baptist in Florence, Alabama last week and signed up for your newsletter. I want to share a PRAISE with you. A few weeks ago my 69 year old sister and 70ish year old brother-in-law trusted Christ as their Savior. They live in Brunswick, Georgia. This is definitely a miracle from God. We are leaving tomorrow and driving the 10-11 hours to attend their baptism service. After praying for her for decades, I wouldn’t miss this event for the world. God is GOOD.

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