Wednesday, July 15th

Well… the electricity has been out here for nearly 3 hours because of some severe storms in the area. I hope that I get finished with this before the battery dies on my laptop. We rolled in on Monday morning around 3 AM from the weekend. On Friday night we were a part of the Southern Gospel Jubilee in Buena Vista, VA along with our friends Soul’d Out Quartet. With an attendance of over 600…it was a great night! We spent the entire day on Saturday eating, shopping, and eating some more! On Sunday morning we had the honor to worship with the folks at Fairview Christian Community Church in Princeton, WV. We knew that these folks really loved gospel music when we realized the Talley Trio would be in concert at the same church that night! (I hope you had as much fun as we did Roger!) We had to really hurry to make it to Morristown, TN for the evening service at Grace Baptist Church. We had a great time and after the service we had to wrap up the trip with some friends at Shoney’s! You can’t go wrong with the breakfast buffet! Lots of pictures, so check out the photos page.

Bridget has been getting ready for Bunco at our house on Thursday night. The house will be covered up with a whole bunch of loud women. They all sit around and eat, roll dice, and hollar “BUNCO”! I guess I’ll have to find something to do that will get me out of the house. Any ideas? Maybe I’ll take A & B out for a night on the town!

We will be leaving on Friday headed to Indiana for the weekend. Really excited about our first trip to Southwood Baptist Church in Beech Grove and can’t wait to see all of our friends at E. 16th St. Church of God in Muncie and Faith Baptist in Marion. Check out the schedule for details.


  1. Hi Glad you got your Power on and hope that was the only problem you got from the storm….Hope to see you all in Florida soon I get to see you almost every nite by DVD great only not long enough…May God Bless You All and the Kids

  2. Hey Tim,
    Just wandering if you had a chance to listen to that cd I gave you at Munford Baptist a couple of weeks ago. Remember it is a very rough recording and a once through. I would value your input, advice, and help in any way possible. As always, the church family loved your concert the last time we saw you. The Dill’s are always in our prayers and we wish ya’ll the best. Please be careful on the road and take care of those miracle babies. We look foward to seeing and hearing ya’ll soon. Keep singing for the glory of our God and Savior, Steve

    1. Hey Steve…I just listened to the CD again and wanted to get back to you. I do think that you have a very pleasing tone to your voice. I know that recording in that manner can be difficult…but would definitely encourage you to pursue whatever you desire. Let me know if I can do anything to help you further. Thanks for valuing my opinion and hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

  3. I really enjoyed worshiping with yall at MBC. You are so funny picking on Shawn. He rolls his eyes at you everytime you joke with him. My only regret was I forgot to request The End of the Beginning. Anyway I can tell you for sure you don’t want to be at home on Thursday nights. Loud women hollering BUNCO. UGH

    In His Name


  4. Hey Tim, and the rest of the Dills!!! My cousin, Betsy and I were so privileged to be in service with you this morning on E. 16th Street!!! (Muncie,IN) Each one ofyou have such a sweet spirit about you and each one of you touched my heart and I hope that your messages in your songs and your wittnessing touched other people today too! May God pitch a Tent over all of you and keep you safe!!Be safe going to Marion!!! I am going to loan my new cd to the pastor tonight and give him a taste of what he is missing!!!
    Becasue He Lives!!
    Elaine McWilliams
    Parke City,IN 477368

    1. Thanks for the comment Elaine. It was great to see you and Betsy again! Hopefully something will work out at your church in the future.

  5. Hey,Tim!
    It,s Elaine again.I was really in a hurry, I am from Parker City,IN 47368 Hope all went well in Marion,IN tonight!

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  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
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