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We’re constantly trying to improve the things that we’re doing as well as focus on the things that others enjoy and appreciate.  Many times we do something because we believe it is effective, but that may not always be the perception of those actually on the receiving end!  That could apply to several things that we’re doing… but for now let’s focus on one area.  For some time now we have been using video and multimedia during our concerts.  We have been limited to only using this when the church or auditorium has a video projector and screen available.  We’d love to be able to use it 100% of the time and that’s why we want your opinion!  If you have been to one of our concerts and witnessed our use of the multimedia before and during the services, we want to hear from you!  Please give us your opinion… (good or bad).  Do you think that our use of video enhances or distracts during the concert?  What could we do to improve its use during our services? Please comment below!

For some time now we have been using video and multimedia during our concerts.


  1. Haven’t seen your multimedia presentation, but I trust you guys that you wouldn’t ‘over-do’ it to the point of distraction. And that CAN happen. I’m as big of a Hoppers fan as there is, but their mulitmedia is often over the top. You tend to be watching the screen, and not being attentive to the ‘live’ aspect of the service. It’s especially so when it’s just footage of them singing on stage somewhere else. The good stuff that helps ‘sell’ the song is OK, if it’s done right, and saved for just the ‘right’ moment. Hope to see your presentation soon! I also pray that God will supply you with the equipment necessary to produce this aspect of your ministry. Blessings!!

    1. Thanks Charlie…
      Hopefully you’ll get the chance to see us soon! I’m already looking forward to the next time at “Marietta Diner”! Tell Mama and Foster we said hello!

  2. I think its great to warm the audience up before the concert.but I just want to see you guys during!

  3. Guys, I’ve seen you in concert and I think the use of the video greatly enhances the show.I think it is a great idea when you consider some in the audience have trouble hearing or seeing for whatever reason.I say keep using it.God bless!

  4. Hey guys, I have seen your service with and without. I beleive that it helps take worship to the next level. You are always so professional. May God continue to bless your ministry. Look forward to seeing you again.

  5. Tim,
    I haven’t seen your use of this, but I did see The Perry’s last Friday night and they were using it. Talking with my family after the concert, we felt that the pre-concert use was wonderful. We felt that it was distracting during the concert because we found ourselves watching the screens rather than the Ministers of the Gospel. Some of the still shots were effective, but I found the movie clips to be too distracting. The Perry’s are great…don’t get me wrong and they ministered and delivered a great performance. I personally think that limited usage of these multimedia on specifically targeted songs would enhance a song with strong visual images, but its overuse would be a deterrant to your delivery.

    Just my thoughts!!



  6. Tim,

    I, too, have never seen it for one of your concerts, but I did see it at a Talley Trio concert a few years ago. They may have changed some things since then, but at the time, they were using it before and after the concert, and during 2 or 3 songs. I think it’s a great tool for a concert, but I agree that the overuse of it could be very distracting. Hope that helps!


  7. Hello! It’s Christopher and Jessica Harris.

    Your website is a wonderful help to our family.

    We took are two young children to the Roberts Park Easter Egg Hunt today. Our daughter Sarah did pretty good. I helped my ten month son Adam get some.

    Christopher and Jessica Harris

  8. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see you singing live (I’ve seen you talking live at the booth at NQC, hence the distinction!)

    But my overall opinion is that multimedia during concerts is over-rated. I prefer to watch the singers, and if, say, I’m watching the Hoppers singing “Jerusalem” with footage of themselves, my mind is on the bedazzling display of technical prowess, not on the singers or the lyrics!

  9. I’ve never seen you in concert but I have been to concerts in which videos were in the background and I thought they were conducive to the enjoyment of the concert and to even send a wonderful message. Sometimes videos help people interpret the song and thus, it becomes more meaningful to them. Just don’t let what’s taking place on video overpower your performance. Otherwise, people will feel as if they could have watched you at home rather than in a church or concert venue.

    I published a professional review on your Faith CD and it’s getting positive feedback. Keep the good music coming!

    God bless! In service for the king, Gigi

    1. Thanks Gigi for the comments and for the review of Faith. I read it a few weeks ago and thought that it was very good! God Bless!

  10. I have seen you in concert and so appreciate your music. The video is OK becaue you don’t over do it. Remember the message is in the song. At this time of year, Easter, your many songs touch my heart more than ever. Your love of the Lord shines through in your music and presentation. God Bles You, Shirley

  11. I have seen you with and without. I’m the soundman and make all the Pastor’s point slides & videos for our church, Harvest BC in Lugoff, SC. It’s the message that is important! Since being saved I get more out of hearing than watching; by that I mean I’ve watched a rock-n-roll band as they jumped around with all the lights and flash but now I hear the Word being sung while I watch a meaningful graphic associating with the Word. The latter means so much more. Keep the performance focused on the message and not the messengers and it will always be the right thing to do. So far, you’re doing the right thing!

  12. With or without video, your music tells the story and my opinion does not focus on the video.

  13. I think before the concert is fine, but not during. It’s too easy to lose focus on the gospel being sung in the pageantry of the screen.

    Hope that makes sense. Much love to you all!

  14. Tim, I haven’t seen you live in awhile. Is there some video that you can point me to?

    You coming to Murfreesboro to “pack a bowl” soon?


    1. Well… One of the songs that we’ve had an overwhelming response to (that includes video) is “Uncommon”! You might be familiar with that one… since you wrote it! LOL.

      And I’m ready to pack a bowl for sure!

  15. Video before the concert might be good.. but I want to just see you guys during the event. Your ministry and personality is enough. You have a good thing going. Keep it up. but lose the multimedia during the singing.

  16. I haven’t see your’s but have see some that was to much. You guys are great the way you are and minister to the crowd, in my opinion. I don’t think you need it but I’m old school,the younger generation may really like it.

    God is good the way he is nothing added or taken away; I just think we sometimes get to far away from the basics.

  17. I think your media presentation is very tasteful and enhances your ministry performance. “Keep it comin’!”


  18. I can’t believe how many people are commenting that have never seen you in concert – go see them – these guys are one of my favorites!
    I’ve got a little different perspective….I think that the video you guys use enhance the words and meaning behind the words of the song. Focusing on the screen, takes away some of the other distractions to focus on the song itself. I like the sparing use of the video sequences in targeted places- however, overuse would take away that effectiveness.

  19. Hey Tim Judy here,,just thought I would put in my two cents worth,,,,I think the video while singing is a no, no it takes away from the mood,,,have you been watch a movie or program and they run that ticker tape across the bottom kinda hard to give either one your full attention… Even the best of us our minds kinda wonder while there listening and that’s a lot for the brain to deal with and be able to give the program what it deserves,, Your out the expense to get there, the people have came out to see you in person, so do that and sell the video… Love you Guys
    Judy from Cincinnati

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