1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAWN. May all of your wishes come to you on your birthday.

    God bless,
    Ruth Voorhees
    Roanoke, VA

  2. Have a great birthday young man. You can hit those notes and hold them for about 5 minutes, so I would never guess you were over 29.

    Enjoy your day.


  3. Happy Birthday on the 24th Shawn! God has truly blessed you with a “voice” for singing His Praises! Keep up the Good Work! I look forward to the time that you all will be back to sing at our home church! Love to All! Margie

  4. Have a wonderfully happy birthday with your precious family and enjoy every moment.
    We send love and God’s blessings,
    Lois and Larry Wilson

  5. Happy Birthday! After all the years of you harrassing me about my age… I am so glad you have almost caught up with me!! Have a Great Birthday.

  6. Shawn,
    Happy 37th! As the Lord reminds you of all His love and provision, I thank you for allowing God to use you and His talents and gifts. I love you brother!
    Love in Christ,

    Rev. Mark P. Patterson
    Sebastian FL
    (I’m the guy who is a friend of Pastor Mike Lyle’s and usually sits in front at your Sebastian-Vero concerts! Sorry I missed the one in Vero this year!)

  7. Happy 37th birthday Shawn, from your friend at the drive-thru at Leaders Credit Union, also Temple Baptist. God Bless You.

  8. Happy Birthday, Shawn!!! We sure are plowing toward that 40 mark fast! I’ll be there before you though. Terry’s been there waiting on me a few years now!
    I hope you have an awesome day and maybe it will feel like Spring tomorrow! I sure hope so.


  9. Shawn, You should count your blessings, I attended a 50th birthday party this month, now that’s old. you have 13 more years til you reach the top of the hill. Happy Birthday, we’re praying for LeeAnn, what a saint.

  10. You are not over the hill yet but you are getting closer. Happy Birthday and keep singing for God.

    Mrs. Sonya K. Neisler Temple Baptist Milan, TN

  11. Happy Birthday Shawn:)!! Hope it is a wonderful day for you to share with family and friends. Kenny and I and your Cloverleaf friends are looking forward to the Dills being with us on Saturday, April 17th. In the meantime, GOD BLESS ALL YOU DO IN HIS NAME.
    Kenny & Marcella Brown
    Cloverleaf Baptist Church – Louisville, KY

  12. You have a wonderful voice and the gift to carry out the word of the Lord. Keep blessing people like us. Have a wonderful Birthday.

  13. hi shawn happy birthday shawn hope u will have a nice one and many more may god bless u and keep u safe and praise god for the work that u all are doing and be safe happy birthday shawn. doyle


  15. Happy Birthday, Shawn. Hope to see you Saturday night at Oak Grove, Pocahontas.
    J. McGee

  16. Praying for God’s richest blessings on you as you celebrate another birthday. Thanks for being real!

    We were Blessed to see you in Winter Haven First
    Church of God and also on the cruise the month before.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful God given talents. We hope to see you again soon.

  18. Happy Birthday, Shawn,

    It must just “get” your baby brother to know that sweet
    baby face makes you look like 25 instead of 37. Have a great day!!! How is the bus problems. Let Tim work tomorrow all alone on it and set back and be the boss.

    Love to all,


  19. Happy 37th birthday, Shawn.
    Would love to see you all, but we listen to you all the time anyway. When are your Mom and
    Dad getting home?

  20. Happy Birthday Shawn! I hope you have a awesome birthday!
    Love you,

  21. Shawn, my the Lord bless you on your birthday and all the rest of the year.
    Love, Linda

  22. I hope you are blessed with a SUPER birthday! I loved the little “jig” you did at Calvary Baptist in Connersville, IN on Sunday. Of course, I loved your singing too.

  23. Shawn Happy Birthday and just 13 more years and your be 50 young….God Bless Hope to see you all soon keep on Pastor Bill Bailey to get you down here…

  24. Happy 37th Birthday Shawn! I hope it’s the best birthday ever. I’m from Second Baptist Church in Union City, TN and looking forward to seeing you all soon. I’m one of The Basham’s who has 2 preacher brothers, now I bet you remember me…lol
    God Bless You & Your Family

  25. Happy Birthday Shawn, we would like to make you German Pancakes special for your Birthday. Maybe next time you are going to be in Indy we can do just that!!!!!!!!!

    Have a Great Day
    We Love you and all the Dills
    Curt and Elaine Metzler

  26. Happy Birthday old man. It won’t be long, you will be looking back at this age and wondering where did it go. Have fun on your special day and always remember whose child you are!
    We Love You

  27. Happy Birthday Shawn. May your day be as special as you:) God Bless you and yours!!!

  28. Hey Shawn, Happy Birthday!!! You are still a young chicken or showuld I say Rooster. You still have a lot to crow about. I just turned 68 so you see you are still a “young man”. May God richly bless you on your special day. We enjoy hearing the Dills so much. You all are our favorite group.
    Love and prayers to you and yours,
    Waunita and Mark Charles
    Calvary Baptist Church in Morristown, TN.

  29. Hey! Happy Birthday Shawn! Gotta say, we just saw you this past Sunday evening and believe me, you don’t look a DAY over 37! Haha! Honestly, you look fine. You gotta ways to go my friend!

    I’ve not had a chance to check, but was wondering if you have a new driver in the family?? Hope all went well!

    Happy Birthday again, Shawn. And a big hello to the rest of the family as well!

    Doug, Susan and the boys, FBC Miamisburg, OH

  30. Happy Birthday Shawn finally caught up with me lol!! Hope that you have a wonderful Birthday, God Bless You.

  31. Wow, 37, man you are getting OLD dude … just hope you can keep up with that much YOUNGER brother of yours ..lol. See you guys next month.

  32. Shawn, hope you had a wonderful birthday. You have a beautiful family and so much talent.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Paragould at Reynolds Baptist Sunday!

    Sam, Mary, Louann, and Betty
    The Poes

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