Updates from the “Mail Bag”!

This was an email that we received recently that we thought we’d share with everyone.  We hope that it’s as encouraging for you as it was for us…

Several months ago we were blessed to be able to go one of The Dills concerts in Muncie, IN.  It was supposed to be a concert with The Dills and The Booth Brothers.  The Booth Brother’s bus had broken down so The Dills ended up doing the whole concert. (which was wonderful!)  This was our first time seeing The Dills so we were in for a treat.  During the concert Tim shared his and Bridget’s testimony of how they had had a difficult time getting pregnant.  Their testimony was such a blessing for my husband and I because we had been wanting children, but because of an illness that I have was told it would be dangerous for me to try.  We went up to Tim during the intermission and thanked him for the testimony because it encouraged us so much.  During the course of the concert Tim mentioned our situation to the audience and God so moved him to have the audience to pray for us.  We want to let you know that those prayers have been answered!  I went to the doctor in June and she said she now felt comfortable letting us try!  God blessed greatly when he allowed us to get pregnant the next month!  So far everything has gone well and we are trusting God!  Thank you for your prayers and for being faithful to God’s calling!

Josh and Danielle


  1. Praise God for answering the prayers of this couple. Thank you, Dills, for sharing in song and in testimony. God Is Good!

  2. hi bridget &tim i pray to god for the wonderful singing that u tim and bridget and leeann &shawn do for in gods word i listen to 93.1 everyday and the song holy of the holies that song has got a good meaning to it i love it u all are a blessing praise god bridget & tim i have something on my heart that i would love to happen please pray for me that this will happen it is and unspoken request shawn that is a beauilful song i love to hear u all singgod bless each one of u i am so happy that bridget tim has 3 children now god bless u all take care love u all doyle

  3. I would like for you and your family to pray that christopher Harris to find a good job and good money. also pray that I can be a good christian mother to my three children. two daughters and one son

  4. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” That is my favorite verse and fitting for this. Congrats! God is still on the throne and in control.

  5. A-men! WOW! See! The Power of prayer! Congrats on the baby! I have seen personally what God has done through for prayer for Tim and Bridget.

    LaDonna Rhodes

  6. Praise God! Everything is possible to those who believe. Have FAITH in God and He will move those mountains and get you to the ther side. It is wonderful about Josh & Danielle story, to see how God today is still answering prayers and performong miracles.From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 God Bless Everyone!!

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