A Quick Update…

Hey Friends…
Needless to say, it’s been a busy few months for all of us.  Macie Hope (now 9 wks old) is doing wonderful!  She is such a good baby and really loves her big sisters, Ansleigh & Bryleigh.  She has started smiling and cooing, and is just a joy!  I’m trying my best to stay ahead of the twins and keep a close eye on them.  They are quick and very sneaky so I have to stay on my toes constantly.  It’s quite challenging now trying to balance the responsibilites and demands of being a wife and mother of three, but it’s my life and I love it! 

Here’s a quick update on the rest of the family!  

–  Logan and Kaela just recently started a new school (Jackson Christian School) and both have been very busy with their studies and sports.  Logan is playing football again this year so he’s working out, practicing or playing in a game almost every day of the week now.  Kaela is playing softball for the school so she’s working hard at that. 

–  LeeAnn will be graduating from Union University with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree in December so she has had a lot of long days, short nights and many, many cups of coffee this past year. 

–  Shawn has been occupied with his business, Dill Electric and keeping the roads hot traveling to all of Logan and Kaela’s ballgames.  He also plays ‘2nd base’ on the church league softball team when time permits. 

–  Tim, who plays ‘shortstop’ on the church softball team, has been in a transition mode with his business career.  On August 31, after working as a representative for MetLife Financial for 11 years, he established Dill Financial Services.  It’s been a scary, but exciting change for us.

Well, got to go pack…  Leaving tomorrow morning for singings this weekend in Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas.  Takes me a while to pack for everyone now so I better get going.  Hope to see you soon! 

Love & blessings,


  1. You guys are awesome, you are a powerhouse family. Congratulations to Tim & Bridgette and their beautiful daughters, the job is a plus, Leighann I am so proud of you, you did it and while you were doing it you took care if your family, worked and then sang on the wkends, awesome, then we hav superpicker he will excell at anything.. powerhouse family and children. Very proud to call you guys mine and Ben’s friends, always..we will always love you..

  2. maybe I needd to transfer up there. You know Ben had positions for both of us laid out with The Dills.. we can negotiate ya know, dont close your mind to it. lol

    luvu guys with all my heart,

  3. I always look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing the Kids Pictures. The girls are adorable. I can’t wait till you all come back to Ohio. Tell LeeAnn we are really happy for her success. We love you all and our Prayers are with you all. Being a Mom is hard work to but isn’t it wonderful???? God Loves the little children.

  4. So glad to hear that everyone is well and staying busy. God bless you all. Looking forward to seeing you all at Temple Baptist in Milan again real soon.

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