Tim Dill Fan Club???


He may be the ONLY member, but Pastor Daryle Hawthorne debuted the official Tim Dill Is My Hero t-shirt on Sunday night in Belton, SC!  He indicated that the shirts would be available immediately and was sure that it would be a huge success!  Although, I’m not convinced that it’s gonna be a profitable venture.  What do you think?  Will it work?


  1. Pastor Hawthorne beat me to the punch. I guess I will have to do ‘Tim Dill is my hero!’ bracelets now. Great minds and great Tim Dill fans think alike!
    Love ya man!

  2. Iwould buy one but only the group will wear them…at lease for a picture ..may not wear in public …would be a good shirt for a roung home working….

  3. That is what my late husband Ben Lewis always called him, “My Hero” and he had a nickname for Shawn, “Super Picker”!!! Love you guys and miss you, pam

  4. why Tim ? Why not the children? jk, gotta love that Tim, yeah I would purchase one too… but then again I am crazy

  5. Oh, yeah! That is a keeper! I’d buy one and wear it too! Next time you come to Liberty Hall in Gadsden, or if I see you guys somewhere else, I hope to see these shirts on your product table.

  6. I think its great. But My family agrees that we would need the whole group on our shirts. We love ya’ll.

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