Storms Are Coming!

Even as I’m writing this post, Bridget and I are watching the Weather Channel.  Seems like that has become a common thing around here these days.  Right now, damaging storms and tornadoes are covering Arkansas and will probably be here by midnight!  She doesn’t know that I’m writing this, but Bridget just said “I hate this feeling of helplessness”.  The weather is just one of the many things in life over which we have no control!  Whether it’s the weather, finances, health, politics, or anything else in life… these words can provide us the comfort that we desperately need to hear!  This is the first verse and chorus of the title song of our new recording, God Is In Control.

Does it seem, like the world is chaotically turning?
Sin and shame, unarraigned, and Godly men are adjourning
Well our fathers warned that it would come to this
But just hold your hat and know that the final truth is…

God is in control, though Godless men conspire
His will unfolds, though mortal minds are sometimes left to doubt
His ways are higher than our ways, so even through the fire
Take heart and know, God is in control

We just put Ansleigh, Bryleigh and Macie in our bedroom to sleep tonight.  They are not big fans of thunder!  When we were saying our bedtime prayers, Ansleigh asked God to  “just let it rain… not thunder.”  We’ve told them that the rain is what God uses to help the flowers and trees grow and sometimes it storms and thunders when it rains.  Now that I think of it, Ansleigh’s prayer sounds a lot like most of ours!  But God sometimes has to send storms and thunder with the rain in our life… so that we will grow!  But even in the storm, take heart and know that God is in control!


  1. Come on down to JEA—we could use some help answering the phones! LOL! Sweet dreams DILLS!

  2. Praying for you. World has many problems. God still
    has the Whole World in His Hands. Take care & God Bless.

  3. my prayers are for protection and healing for the many people touched by the weather everywhere, look forward to seeing you and your brother, God is still in control…….

  4. Enjoyed you at Macon Road Baptist Church last Sunday & pray that your life continues to be blesses.

    1. Thanks Jack… We also had a great time at Macon Road! We always do! Maybe next time we can convince Pastor Wayne to hang around! LOL

  5. hi bridget and tim i love ur songs everytime i come to hear u all sing and doing gods work and spread his word god is always in control i can’t wait to hear the song god is in control may god bless u all take care.

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