Play Day With The Girls!

Shawn and I took the girls on a play date to the park a few weeks ago. They loved playing on the slides and eating peeps. Shawn and I even got in on the fun.  It has been a while since we had little ones to take to the park and play with. I had forgot how much fun toddlers can be.  After a few hours we took them to lunch at Fazoli’s.  They love alfredo noodles and garlic bread!  Oh yea, can’t forget the tea.  They love to drink tea.  I can’t wait for our next play date.  We have also posted a video of our time together hope you enjoy it!

LeeAnn Dill


  1. How precious! Ansleigh and Bryleigh love their Aunt LeeLee and Uncle Shawn very much. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like all of you were having a fun day. Just what memories are made of.

  3. what a beautiful way to record a moment in the girls life. It’s great!!!! Very moving!!!!!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!!! What great memories.
    Love all of you very much,

  5. You guys are great! This is a wonderful video and the music was perfect. Love you all!

  6. Love it!! How precious! Making wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. I really loved the video and the girls are so beautiful. I love to watch children enjoying life and having so much fun the music was a very special touch!

    I loved every minute of the video!

    June 5

  8. Loved the video!!! Good job Shawn!!!! I could almost hear the giggles!!! Thanks for sharing such a special moment with us!!!!

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