NQC & The Loss Of A Friend

We had a wonderful time last week in Louisville at the National Quartet Convention.  It was great to see lots of old friends and meet some new ones too!  Once again this year we were presented with the “Most Babies in the Booth Award”.  It was definitely interesting trying to keep the girls contained this year… so we invested in some leashes!  I used to think that was cruel to see a kid on a leash, but not any more! LOL.  Be sure to check out the photos on the Photos page above!  What was your most memorable moment from NQC this year?

Many of you will remember that we requested prayer a few times for our friend Ben Lewis from Hogansville, GA.  He was involved in a motorcycle accident nearly 2 years ago that left him with severe injuries.  We received word last week that Ben passed away after suffering a massive heart attack.  Ben was only 51 years old.  Even though it seems unfair to lose him… Ben received his complete healing last week and we’ll see him again in that Beautiful City!  Please keep his wife Pam and the rest of the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Do you have any encouraging words for Pam and the rest of the Lewis family?


  1. My most memorable moment was The Greenes earlier in the week and Tony’s Testimony about his walk with Jesus and the Kidney Transplant form Taranda, that was awsome. GOD IS GOOD jerry

  2. So sorry to hear about Ben, I send all condolence to the Pam and the Family,such a young age,so it pays to be ready we never know,he is now waiting on his family and friends again to come on home GOD BLESS

  3. I have several memorable moments….
    I enjoyed getting to watch Ansleigh and Bryleigh have a good time playing and playing with them, also seeing Tony and TaRanda Greene on mainstage and also Jeremy Liles(Brian Free and Assurance Bass) on mainstage friday and saturday night after just losing his dad on wednesday and burying him on friday.

  4. Sorry to hear about Ben. I send all condolence to Pam and the family. I am praying for them! Praise God that we know Ben is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father and we one day will see him again.

  5. I send my condolence to Pam and the family. I know she will miss him but God will be by her side. I wish I could have bee at NQC. Princess

  6. Tim. Thanks for the update on Ben. For Pam, the wounds that are still fresh will heal, and the scar will always be a remembrance of who he is in Christ.
    Give ’em heaven tonight at Union!

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