Individual Soundtracks Now Available

Many of you have asked for soundtracks (accompaniment tracks) to our music.  For some time we have offered the soundtracks to all of the songs on that particular recording… and those will still be available if you prefer to have all of the songs mailed to you on a CD.  But many of you have mentioned that you only need the track to one single song!  That’s why we have made them available as an mp3 download for only $9.99 per song.  You can simply pay for the song(s) that you need and you will receive instructions on how to download the mp3 file immediately!  How cool is that? They are available under the Products tab above or by clicking here!

What else would you like to see us make available? We only know if you tell us, so give us some ideas!


  1. Hi every one, i enjoy your group and songs alot.I was wondering, if you could make the worship album available for downloading ,the songs on it sound better than the original.i want to hear more..
    keep up the great work.. all of your songs are great… love the alonzo vidio. thanks Super J

  2. Great program in Roanoke so I heard. One of my friends said you guys were the best concert she has been to. Penny couldn’t believe how great The Lord’s Prayer was.

    She thinks LeeAnn and Shawn doing duets was a great addition.

    Love ya

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  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
  2. Little By Little Dill Sisters 0:44
  3. Wonderful, Merciful Savior Dill Sisters 0:52
  4. Good, Good Father Dill Sisters 0:27
  5. Amazing Grace (violin) Dill Sisters 0:22