Name that Baby!

We have people that always try to figure out which one is Ansleigh and which one is Bryleigh. They do not look anything alike, and definitely have their own personalities! Post a comment and see if you can “Name that Baby” !


  1. Bryleigh-left looks like mommy
    Ansleigh-right looks like daddy

    Yes, they do have their own personalities!

  2. I say Bryleigh on the left and Ansleigh on the right. Even though I don’t know there personalities as I haven’t been able to meet them YET… I have some friends that are twins and they taught me a secret about how to tell twins apart. Having looked back at pics I think I have used that trick and can now name that baby. We’ll see if Deb and Darla taught me right?!??!!?

  3. Bryleigh on the left and Ansleigh on the right. Bryleigh is bigger than Ansleigh.
    Love all of you very much and we are missing you terribly,
    Pam & Ben Lewis

  4. Bryleigh is the one on the left and Ansleigh is on the right. You know they are both beautiful and truely a gift from the Lord.

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