Macie’s First Birthday

Gosh, things never seem to slow down around here so finding time to write posts has taken a backseat to other more demanding responsibilities… However, we celebrated a huge milestone recently and I had to take time to share!

Sweet Macie Hope celebrated her 1st birthday on June 28 and let me tell you, our world is much brighter because of her! She is definitely the “cherry on top” in our little family! The twins adore her and love to “mommy” her. She loves to ride the bus and go to the singings! You can always find her watching the action in the services and clapping along with the music. She did get a bit of my Irish temperament but hopefully, that will serve her well in her life. She sleeps well, eats well, LOVES her bath time and is just all-around a great baby!

To be honest, I questioned God’s timing when I found out I was pregnant with Macie because the twins had just turned 16 months old and I was very much running non-stop just to try to “look” like I was in control of them and the “situation”. I would have wanted to wait several more years to have any more children, (that is, if we were going to try to have any more at all), but sometimes God chooses to show us how “mediocre” our plans are, scaring us silly in the process! God, as I am finding out, excels in using the most overwhelming, out-of-control situations or scenarios in our lives to prove to us that He is able to provide what we need, when we need it, before we ever know we need it! Macie’s arrival was perfectly orchestrated by God, and though it seemed like an ill-timed pregnancy to me, it turned into the most impeccably timed blessing! Her precious smile keeps me sane when I’m feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with the twins or just with life in general and her sweet giggle has the power to make me melt! She’s taught the twins to share, love, and in a sense, be patience. And all these girls are teaching Tim lessons daily on what it means to trust and have faith that God is able to provide…

Needless to say, we are busy, but so bountifully blessed! We are exhausted but fulfilled! We are not sure how we are going to fund the needs of three growing little girls but we know the God that gave them to us will provide. We can trust Him with our tomorrows because He was faithful yesterday!

So just remember, sometimes those so-called “trials” are just God’s blessings in disguise!


  1. Bridget,
    I love reading your post and hearing about the children. I saw you at White Hall Baptist Church in Trenton. I told Bro. Joey recently that it would be nice to ask The Dills to come back,we have a new music director ,he told me to talk with him. I haven’t had a chance,but I will.Try to stay cool and God Bless You and your entire Family!

  2. Oh, bless your sweet heart— We have a niece who is in the last half of training to be a nurse practitioner (sp) and her second child will be born when her first is 11 months old. She about died when she found out and now after 3 months, she feels ashamed, she felt that way. She and her hubby are ok. He is wondeful to help her. Tell Tim (as I did Johnny) –can’t that yard wait til a cooler day?
    And hope you have agreat bunko party. I think of all of you so often. Tell Cecil and Nadine Hello for us. We love you. Janie and Johnny Eaves.

  3. Macie is beautiful and she looks like she is such a happy baby. I can see where she is such a joy to all of you.

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