Busy Days!

I spoke with someone the other day that said, “I’ve noticed that you guys have been really busy lately.”   To which I responded, “Yes, so busy that I’ve not been able to update the website!”  And for those of you that sit by your computer every day, just waiting to get an email from The Dills… “I’m sorry!” 🙂

August was a really busy month with concerts in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.  We were blessed to see a lot of friends and go back again to several places that we’ve been in the past.  But we also had the priveledge to meet new friends and do a lot of things for the very first time.  One thing that stands out was the End of Summer Picnic in Hamilton, OH hosted by some of the most wonderful friends in the world, Brody & Ann Jacobs.  For the past several years the Jacobs’ have invited their entire church, friends, family and neighbors to their home for a day of food, fun and fellowship.  Folks were swimming, playing basketball and volleyball, swinging, sliding and eating all day!  Logan and I even got to play a little bit on one of Brody’s “tools”.  (You’ll have to check out the photos page to see what I’m talking about.)  This year, for the first time, they decided to have some music to end the day so right before dark we put on a concert for approx. 200 people right in their back yard.  It was a blast!  But the best part was knowing that there were several non-Christians there during our concert.  After we finished, Brody shared with us that one person said, “I really liked that group that was singing.  They’re really good and they have a very encouraging message.”  That person is a Muslim they have been ministering to for a while!  Praise the Lord that a seed was planted!

Just last week, Bridget’s dad had surgery in Nashville.  Nearly a year ago, he broke two ribs.  The ribs broke loose where they connect to the breast bone.  He’s been in pain for a while and finally the doctors determined it would require a fairly intense surgical process.  The surgery lasted 4 hours and involved the assembly of titanium plates made to fit this unique situation.  They had to attach the plates by screwing into the breast bone and into the lower part of the broken ribs.  Needless to say, he’s in a lot of pain and recovery is expected to be a slow process.  He was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is now resting (and medicated) at home.  Please pray that he’ll be comfortable and recover quickly.  I know that he’ll be looking forward to being able to get down in the floor again and play with all the grandbabies! 🙂

That’s just a few of the things that have been happening in our crazy life!  What’s been happening in your world?  Got anything you’d like to share?  Just leave a comment below.

God Bless,


  1. Loved getting caught up with all the news! Sounds like y’all had a blast at the picnic. Praying that Bridget’s dad does heal quickly.

  2. I will be there Thursday thru Saturday, so I won’t get to see y’all sing on Tuesday 🙁 How long are you going to be there????

  3. I love your group and think you are people who walk with God. Looking forward to your coming to Pisanello’s Pizza soon or somewhere close to the Dayton area at a time not during my church time.

  4. We been putting up with the destruction of a hurricane and we had no power for a few days and alot of people don’t have power but my daughter got hers today and I think my brother’s is still out. Everybody has power in Reedville Va and I hope to see yall soon at the Tibitha Church of God here down in Reedville Later Bernard

    1. Thanks for sharing that with us Bernard. I was thinking about our friends in Reedville when all of that was happening the other day. Please know that you’re in our prayers and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone in November!

  5. Good afternoon Dills!! Good to hear from you and catch up on all the news and happenings! I certainly will be praying for Bridget’s father! Being a grandmother, I certainly understand wanting to play with the grandchildren!! Speaking of which, we have TWO on the way!! Both are girls – The third for our daughter (but first girl) and the first for our son and his wife! We are indeed so blessed!!
    We DO plan on coming over the NQC this year, so we will look you up! Are you scheduled for any performances?
    See you soon!

    1. Congratulations Marcella! I know you are excited! We are only scheduled to perform on Tuesday at noon. Definitely come by and see us while you’re there!

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