Logan’s Graduation

It’s hard to believe that Logan has graduated high school. It seems just like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. LeeAnn and I were young and scared with such a huge responsibility of raising him. Time flies by so fast and you wish you could go back and do some things different but then again you probably wouldn’t change a thing. ¬†We are so proud of the young man he’s turned out to be. He will begin taking classes this fall at Jackson State then plans to transfer to MTSU. He wants to get his degree as an Audio Engineer which means he will be running sound on a much larger scale than what he’s been doing for The Dills. He’ll hopefully get paid more too. LOL. Be sure to send a comment to him and pray for him as he starts this new chapter of his life.


  1. Congrats Logan on your big day. So you like doing what you are doing enough to keep on keeping on, huh! Enjoy your summer and keep your Uncle in shape. A huge responibility for sure.


  2. Congratulations, Logan

    I am sure you will do well in college and wishing you the best in your career of Audio Engineering.

    With GOD’s guidance, you will do great things!

    Brenda Lambert
    Meridian Baptist Church

  3. Congratulations Logan!

    May God Bless you as you continue your education and work toward your goals. So proud of the young man you have become!

    Have a great summer!

    Connie Coates

  4. Seems like only yesterday my little third cousin was smiling and happy as could be as he traveled with “The Original Dills”, aka, Cecil and Nadine and family. Logan’s graduation is a reminder of how time flies! Good luck on the next part of your journey, may God watch over and bless.

  5. OMG…Talk about bringing back memories…I can still see Lil’ Logan singing He’s Still Workin’ On Me at The Ridge. Oh my such happy times, and now he faces the world in the power and strength of the Lord! Congrats to you Logan.

  6. We remember you as a very young man at two different Church of the Brethrens in
    Roanoke, Virginia. A nice handsome you man. We wish you well and hope God will
    bless you richly as you go forward with your plans.

  7. Congratulations, Logan. Mom and Dad must be so proud of you. Will be praying for you. God bless.

  8. How I remember the day God brought you into our lives. You are always in our prayers. Just remember “whose you are”. It is our prayer you will seek and follow God’s guidance in every decision. Call us if ever you need us!!!!

  9. Congratulations on your graduation from high school. God Bless you on your career goals. Great job.

  10. Not sure how long we have known you, at what age you were when you came into our lives,,but you sure have grown up to be a fine good looking young man,,,with your help your parents did a great job and we all know it’s because of whom we really belong,and you trusted your life to HIM ,,GOD is Good,,We are very proud of you first of all for Graduating, your plans to continuing your career and for giving up your week-ends all through your young life for your family and for the LORD,,Your Awesome,,,,,Your sister included
    GOD Bless

  11. Great job Logan! May God bless everything you touch and learn from. God bless your family and friends. Stay close to the Lord and He will bless!

  12. So proud of you Logan!! Now go change this crazy world into a better place!!!! We will be remembering you in prayer as you start this part of life.

  13. You have always been such a special child and now a young man,who is and always will be our favorite grandson. May god go with you ,and always be your leader in all you do.
    Love you ,Nana

  14. Congratulations to Logan as he takes this next step in life. Here is hoping that he will have a wonderful time entering this phase of his life. Good luck Logan and God be with you.

  15. Congratulations Logan! I know you will excel at whatever you set your mind to. Enjoyed meeting you in Cincinnati Ohio a couple of months ago. We love your family! Many blessings to you in your future endeavors!

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