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You are so faithful to visit our site and we never want to take that for granted.  Therefore, we wanted to give all of our friends an opportunity to listen to one of the songs on our new HYMNS project.  Click on the Play button below to listen to “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”

Here’s the only catch: If you listen to the song, you are required to leave a comment below in the form of a question!  Is there something that you’ve always wanted to know about The Dills?  Ask us any question!  About anyone in the group!  Anything is fair game! (well, almost anything)  This should be a lot of fun!

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  1. Hey, all! How did Tim and Shawn meet Bridget and LeeAnn? I enjoyed the song and look forward to seeing you all soon. God bless you all!

    1. Bridget and I met at a New Year’s Eve concert in 1994 at Munford Baptist Church. The Dills were part of the concert along with The Johnson Family (LeeAnn’s parents) and another group called Unity. Bridget and her mom had hopped on the bus that night with Unity and she sang one song during the service. We went on our first date a few weeks later, dated for 3 1/2 years, and have been married for nearly 13 years. That’s our story!

    2. Hey Mike. LeeAnn and I met each other through singing around West Tennessee. She sang with her mom and dad’s group, The Johnsons. She played piano for them as well and before I knew it I was in love. Awwww

  2. How in the world do you keep 2 babies and 2 teenagers happy and contended on the bus? Along with the “boys”?

  3. Do you guys enjoy singing on the road?
    Love the new sound! Congratulations on the new twin!

    1. To be honest, it’s been nice singing close to home the past few weeks but the best part to me about traveling on the road singing is meeting new people. we love making new friends and seeing people’s lives changed. That’s worth all the miles.

    1. Logan has not done any singing in front of anyone in a few years. His voice started to change and he said that he wanted to wait until his voice “landed” somewhere. That’s when he starting running the sound for us (which he really enjoys a lot).

  4. Love you all anything you sing is great. Keep up the good work. We love you at the Winton Road Church of God.

  5. This was great!! I love old hymns. Also congrats on the news of the new baby! How excited R U????

    1. Thanks Stacy. I’m really excited about the new baby, but still a little bit shocked too! I know that the Lord has a plan and I can’t wait to see it unfold! Blessings to you.

  6. Love your rendention of “When the roll is called up yonder”. Listening to this makes you wish it was time for that roll call today, so we could be there with HIM! Will your “hymns” project be sent to radio? I sure hope so!

    Rhonda Cook
    WTBH 91.5 FM
    Chiefland, Fl.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I’m sure that we can make arrangements for WTBH to get a copy. Thanks for keeping The Dills on the radio in Florida!

  7. Well, since you want a comment . . .

    What, exactly, did you use to produce a LP static effect? Did you actually record the static off an LP and repeat the loop, or did you use something artificial?

    1. It was a combination to both… actual static from an old LP and an effect on the entire mix to give it that old sound. Good question Daniel!

  8. hi bridget congra on your 3th child god is doing amazing things for you all.keep up the lords work i love to hear you all sing.i just heard when the roll is called up yonder i loved it praise god.

  9. Love the old fashioned piano at the beginning. It reminded me of practicing when we sang. Was Shawn playing an old upright piano? Who played the banjo?
    Loved the song and can’t wait to se ya’ll again..and congratulations!

    1. Actually the piano was played by our friend Matthew Holt, former piano player for the Perrys. The banjo was played by a man that is known for his lead guitar playing, not banjo picking. His name is Jeremy Medkiff and he actually started his musical career playing bass guitar with LeeAnn and her family many years ago.

  10. Why is Amazing Grace not on this CD? I just don’t know how you made a HYMNS CD with out it.

  11. Bridget are we sure it is one baby? Would be nice if you had two boys! Question #2… When are you guys coming to FLORIDA? Soon I hope, even if only in Plant City but would like it to be Bradenton@Happy Gospel Church. I keep telling Pastor Bailey that you need to come. He loves babies so just push the girls on him and his wife Sally. God Bless you guys… and the song was great can not wait till I get the CD! Your #1 FAN IN FLORIDA

    1. We’re pretty sure it’s only one baby, George, and I think Tim is secretly praying for a little boy so he won’t feel so outnumbered. Keep an eye on the schedule for upcoming dates in Florida. I know we’ll be around Winter Haven and Plant City in the middle of Feb.

  12. what is your favorite song that you did on this new hymns album? can’t wait until you come back to Marion, Indiana and see our new church building!

    1. Hey Christi… It is so hard to pick just one, but I would have to say “I Love To Tell The Story”! I can’t wait to see the new building. See ya soon!

    1. Gosh, that’s hard… I can’t name one food but I know all of us LOVE some mexican food… I think we could eat it every day! Most photos of us eating after concerts are taken at mexican restaurants!

    1. Hey, Beverly, Matt did the arranging for us. We had ideas that we pitched to him and he ran with them from there. He really did a great job helping us capture the vision we had for this cd.

    1. Shawn and Tim are the main musicians in the group. Shawn plays piano and bass, and Tim plays drums, bass, rhythm guitar and some piano. LeeAnn and I play a little piano but nothing too serious. We also played saxophone in our school bands, however we’ve since hung up our neckstraps and saxophones… Thanks for the question!

  13. Have you guys ever done “Sorry I Never Knew You”? This is Smiling Tom! Love the song, Looking forward to seeing you guys at homecoming in Englewood, Ohio.

  14. Are you guys going to be on the Singing at Sea Cruise this year? Maybe we can spend a few minutes with you if you are not too busy. We met briefly last year.

  15. Love your group. I know that you are on the road alot but is thee any chance of seeing you more often in Jackson, TN?

    1. Thanks Marty. We would not mind doing more things in Jackson… but for some reason we get more calls from promoters and churches that are in other areas of the country. Maybe that will change one of these days!

  16. Is it gonna be twin this time… Enjoyed the song very much look forward to heariong you again in Alma..

  17. I love your music and just recently introduced my 7 year old grandson to your music at your last visit to our home church, Munford Baptist. He was so lifted by your music. He is a new Christian and sees God’s glory in so many things through his young heart. What do your think has been your greatest blessings in life?

    1. I have so many things to be thankful for in life… my wife, children, wonderful friends… and I could go on and on! But I guess one blessing that really stands out was having parents that truly loved me and taught me about Jesus! It was something that planted the seed for all of the other blessings to grow around. Keep sharing the love of Jesus to your grandson. That’s something that will never leave him! Thanks for the question! God Bless!

  18. LeeAnn, How is school going? It must be difficult finding time to study with being so active at home and on the road. God bless you and hope to see you in Roanoke soon.

    1. Hey Shirley, its good to hear from you. Normally school has always come easy for me but this is a challenge. I spend most all my time studying and have learned to function on little sleep. Luckily, Shawn and the kids have been helping with laundry, cooking, etc. Hope to see you soon.

  19. Have you ever recorded the old hymn “I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary?”. And if so, is the CD still available?

  20. Hi Guys! Wow it has been a while. I haven’t talked to or seen you guys since yall sang at our Homecoming @ Ripley Church Of God. Heartfelt that is…….Just want to say to Bridget see I told you so. I don’t know if you remember or not but I was Pregnant the last time I saw you guys after trying fo 11 years, and I told you to just hang in there God know’s what he is doing. Well I still only hve the one little girl that is now 2, but I see God is really letting you know triple what he can do. Congrats to you and Tim, and hope to see you guys soon! Love you guys!

  21. Bridget what is it like managing the twins being pregnant and traveling every weekend?

    1. Sonya, I can’t lie… I get physically and mentally exhausted trying to balance it all but I truly believe God gives us grace (and strength) to do that which He has called us to do. I’m blessed with lots of family and friends that help with the girls so that gives me time to relax every now and then. Plus, I couldn’t do this without Tim’s help. He also balances alot but still finds the time to give me the help I need around the house and with the girls. He’s really a wonderful daddy and he’s not scared of dirty diapers! And actually, the weekends are almost like a getaway for me and the twins… They love the bus and all the attention they get from the rest of the family, and I love just being with my family and having the opportunity to testify about the amazing things God’s doing in my life!

  22. I just want to tell you ALL how proud I am of you and I can’t help but have teary eyes when I think of how you have allowed God to move in your lives. God, through you guys, is touching sooo many lives. Thanks for being obedient. You are an inspiration to me! I am honored to know you and your families. I also appreciate all of your parents for starting you out as youngsters singing for HIM! Who would have ever thought when Shawn, Tim and I were growing up back in LC, that they would be travelling far and wide still spreading the gospel through song? We never know what God has in store for us…
    Thanks so much for chosing ‘When The Roll is Called Up Yonder’ to put on your CD. I also can’t wait to hear ‘O, I Want to See Him’ and all the rest.
    I don’t have a question at this time, just wanted to give some flowers! Love you!

  23. Hey all of you Dill’s! When the Roll is probably my fav. But really all of the songs are great! I know God is leading each one of you in ways that is awesome, thats my prayer for you, that God will be in the midst of it all!

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