Holy Of Holies

Here’s a video of “Holy Of Holies” recorded live at First Baptist Church in Huntingdon, TN. This is actually a song that was written by Geron Davis several years ago. I think that Shawn does a great job. What do you think? Should this be a radio single at some point? Post your comments and let us know what you think!


  1. I think this would be one of the better songs to single from the project. I would rate it as a toss-up, though, whether I would send out this song first or “Worth It” or maybe “Tired of Running.” All three are great songs.

  2. that song is really good. I will be listening for it on the radio because i know it will be there soon.

  3. Ya know !?– all the songs on your new album are fantastic! I love them all! And–yes, Holy of Holies would be a great single…but– all of them would be !

  4. YES,YES,YES!!! Love the song and Shawn did a great job…..would love to hear it live in Morristown,TN!!!!!

  5. Where did you get that background track? I am looking for one for my mother.
    What a fantastic job. The background vocals were excellent, as well!

  6. I have just got to have the track of this song! Where can I get it. We are going to do a series at our church on the Holy of Holies and this song is PERFECT!!!! I love it! Please help me!

  7. Wonderful! Awesome! I heard it on XM Enlighten last night. I immediately came home and bought it! It was a favorite song of mine back in the early 90s when Truth recorded it. I wore the casssette tape out and have been unable to listen to it for so many years. I have looked and looked for this song for so long. You do a fantastic job with it!!!!!! Thank you so much for ministering to me through your beautiful music! This song blesses my heart!
    I have also just learned of your group and will be following you now!!!!! Thank you!

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