What’s Been Happening?

WOW! Things have been extremely busy around here.  Here’s just a short list of what’s been happening!

  • Ansleigh and Bryleigh celebrated their 2nd Birthday on May 29th.
  • Bridget has a c-section scheduled for June 28th… if not sooner!
  • LeeAnn has almost completed the first half of the accelerated nursing program at Union University!
  • Kaela just celebrated her 13th Birthday on May 23rd! (Teenager… WOW!)
  • Logan is now legally driving! (You’d better look out!)
  • Shawn and Tim are just hanging on and enjoying the ride!

We’d love to know what’s been happening in your life too.   Please let us know by leaving a comment below!


  1. First of all, thanks for my CD…it is awesome…love hearing you guys sing. My grandson will be 2 in Nov.I see him quite often & keep at least once a week– know how busy you guys are with your girls:) Already have 2 granddaughters. We are expecting another grandson in July & just found out our 5th grandchild is due in January. My husband & I will be married 20 years on the 16th. This is second marriage for both of us & we’ve got 6 kids total. June 28 is a good day to have a baby (my middle son will be 27 on that day-he’s the one expecting a son next month). Love keeping up with you guys & hearing what everyone is doing…Our God truly is awesome:)

  2. Love hearing all the news about your families…Keeping up with all our seven grandkids (14 months thru 12 years)fills up our weekends…Stan’s highlight Memorial Day weekend -teaching our two year old grandson Aidan how to catch a lighting bug! Can’t get any better than that! We are so excited you will be at Bartlett Hills Sunday..We understand you will be singing inside after the picnic! Stan says he needs a ‘Dill-Fix’ We may try for a double dose of the Dills and see you at Whiteville Sat. nite. We keep you in our prayers!

  3. Well lets see, Just finished a great weekend at Gatlinburg Family Fest along with Teresa, (wife that is!!). Now just driving Ivan down the road… Miss the family!! Great to hear about the kids. Watch out, they grow up faster than weeds!! Keep it between the lines, and remember, God is in control… NOT TIMOTHY!

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