The Twins Turn Three!

It’s so hard to believe that it has been three years… but on Sunday, May 29th Ansleigh and Bryleigh celebrated the big 0-3!!  I told Bridget that we had finally made it past the “terrible two’s”… but was not sure what was coming next! 🙂

It doesn’t seem like anything is easy or simple around our place and this year’s birthday present for the girls was no exception.  Bridget’s dad agreed to pay some money toward a swing set for the girls – it sounded like a great plan… at first!  The first clue that it might not be simple was when I remembered that our back yard was not level enough for a swing set!  So, the first step was to level things out a bit… but after 4 hours of tilling and shoveling, I realized that it was going to take something with a little more “power”.

Let the fun begin!Tim had way too much fun with this!

Testing it out!That’s when Mr. Bobcat came to my rescue!  It was very hard for me to justify paying $200 to rent it for the day but it really was a lot of fun to play with!  I guess that’s just the man (or kid) coming out in me! 🙂  Needless to say, we finally got the back yard leveled out and then four of us spent over 6 hours assembling the swing set and slide!  We finished it just in time for their party on Saturday, and after everyone played on it all day… it was still standing!

The girls love it, no one has gotten hurt yet, and after just a few Tylenol… I’m not sore anymore!  I’d say, a job well done!

Happy Birthday, Twins! We love you!


  1. Happy birthday to the twins. I’m glad they have a nice swing set to play on. Sorry you got sore in the process, but that is what being a Father is all about.

  2. happy birthday to the twins and tim sound like u had fun with the bobcat alot easier than tilling and shoving yes that will make u sore but the twins will enjoy their new swing set love u all happy birthday ANsleigh and Bryleigh.

  3. wow times sure goes by i can remmber when they was only baby,s and happy birthday to them .hope they have a great day

  4. Hey,you forgot to mention how many grandpa”s it took to
    get the swing set ready. They did what BOB CAT couldn’t. It did turn out nice, NANA

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