Sick Babies!

WOW… what a day it has been for us!!!  Bridget and I planned on having an uneventful Labor Day with family and maybe even a little quiet time around the house, but that was definitely not the case!  We did go to Bridget’s grandmother’s house for lunch, but the trip was cut short by a massive poo-poo explosion (courtesy of Bryleigh) and a puke event (courtesy of Ansleigh).  And the day went down hill from there!  To spare you from all of the details I will conclude by letting you know that our Labor Day was full of labor… and lots of laundry!  Ansleigh ended up with 2 baths today and Bryleigh had 3!  Please say a prayer for all of us because we have a very busy week ahead as we prepare to spend next week at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY!


  1. So sorry to hear the babies are sick! I’ll be praying for you guys and the upcoming events.

  2. Praying for you all, especially the babies. Having raised four, times like those are so tiring. God is so good to give us that extra strength we need. Enjoy the convention!

  3. We are praying for ya’ll. I hope they get better. My daughter was running really high fever and was hospitalized for like 3 days last week. She is still sick but at home now.

  4. Just read about your day – I’ll pray for Bryleigh and Ansleigh and both of you, too, before I go to sleep.
    God is faithful. He will lift you up.

  5. Hi yall,
    Sounds like they have their way of being in charge of family events in a big unplanned way. We will certainly pray with you for their health and that the Lord would allow you to have a minimum of these “surprise times”.
    As a dad who has four children in heaven, (the oldest was 11 months on earth) even if the Lord had allowed me to have these surprises and all of the others that come with parenthood, I can now say that I would count myself blessed to have “puke” and “poo-poo” times.
    In his wisdom, he spared me from all that, but even though it has been over thirty years since the last one went to be with Jesus (and their Mom, my Wife also), when I hear of parents relating those types of stories, I think to myself, that I would be happy to be cleaning up behind those precious gifts of God and doing their laundry. You are “really” blessed even in those events.
    As always though, my prayers are with you daily and may He continue to bless you and meet all your needs in both your upcoming schedule and every area of your lives and your ministry.
    Best regards in Christ,

    1. Hey Michael,
      Thanks for the comment and for the prayers. We are definitely BLESSED! The girls seem to be feeling better today. Thanks again!

  6. Sorry to hear the girls were sick…we have you and them in our prayers….but you can never plan anything with kids because something always happens…remember your in Gods Hands and he will never give you more then you can take..hope to see you soon in FLORIDA always GOD BLESS

  7. Oh dear, it is bad enough when one child has this……praying for a quick recovery. God bless you.

  8. I will be praying Ansleigh and Bryleigh! Hope they get to feeling better soon and hope that Bridget and you don’t get sick. Looking forward to seeing y’all at Convention next week! Love Y’all!

  9. Thanks for sharing……parenting is a gift from God & HE doesn’t promise us 100% happiness in the effort, but does promise us HIS help to see us through it all.
    How blessed you are to have the twins!!! I am an 84 year old twin & am still able to enjoy being with my sister…just another gift from God.

  10. I will be praying for Ansleigh and Bryleigh! I sure hope they are feeling better now. I also pray that the rest of you do not get this virus! I have been there and done that, it is terrible to watch a little one suffer like that and you cannot make them feel better. I so enjoy hearing about what God is doing in your life and how he is using you to witness to others that need him so desperately. My prayer is that God continues to bless your ministry. Keep in touch and May God Bless all of You!

    Love and Prayers, Sandy from Connersville, Indiana

  11. Tim, you can try Vanilla Extract to stop the explosions. We did it with our twin girls. Also, Sleepy Time Tea (Celestial Seasonings) is great too for sleeping not the other. ha ha

    May see you at Cloveleaf next Sunday or NQC!

    Ro 15:13

  12. SOO sorry to hear about the babies:( But certainly hope they are MUCH better, as you and Bridget as well!! I had 2 messages when we got back home late Sunday that you all are booked for Cloverleaf (our church) for Sunday morning!!! We may still plan on coming to Lexington on Sat. evening and just driving back to Louisville afterwards! Love and Prayers to all. God Bles,
    Kenny & Marcella Brown

  13. Dear Friends:

    Hope things are better today. We will pray for these beautiful little blessings. May God continue to bless all of you.

  14. Praying for you all and the babies esp. Grams rased 4 children,m 8 grands and now have the blessing of an even dozen greatgrands so understand. I will be watching any of the quartets that are on the gospel channel. You bless as you sing. May God heal the girls and lift you up Mary Lou aka grams

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