Savannah Posey

Savannah PoseyEvery so often our paths cross with people that God has put there to make a mark on our lives. Several years ago in Muncie, Indiana, we met just such a family. Zach Posey made a public decision at East 16th Street Church of God where we were ministering and on that day we were privileged to meet the entire Posey family. Through the years, we’ve stayed friends with Greg, Angie and their children, following each other on Facebook, praying for Zach as he embarked upon his military journey and talking for hours after concerts when we can. Back in March we were blessed to see them at not one, but two of our concerts in the Muncie area. They are more than fans to us, they are family.

Last week on Tuesday, 16-year old Savannah Posey, sent us Facebook messages just checking in with us. This wasn’t surprising considering she was so thoughtful, caring and loving, but today it seems more than ordinary. The days following that message, Savannah quickly became very ill and when her family tried to wake her this morning they very unexpectedly found that she had passed away.

Our hearts are broken today and we mourn, but not as those who have no hope because we know where Savannah is… she’s at Home.  Our prayers go out to Greg, Angie, Zach, Corey, Skylar and all of the Posey family. We know difficult days lie ahead for them and we pray that God’s sufficient grace will be real and sustaining for them. We pray that God’s peace that passes all understanding will cradle them gently during this time of sorrow.

Though we don’t understand why such a sweet, beautiful, outgoing soul would be taken from us so quickly, we do know that the mark Savannah Posey left on us will stay with us forever.  It’s our prayer that the mark she has made on every person she’s had contact with at church, at school, wherever, will point souls to the open, loving arms of the Savior, Jesus Christ. That’s what she did in her life and I believe that’s what she will do even in her death…

You are loved and will be missed greatly but we’ll see you when we get HOME, Savannah!



  1. I will be praying for the family of Savannah Posey. It is a comfort to know that she is with our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. The death of a child is very difficult & even as a Christian we struggle with the loss. I am sure they are in shock as I was at the sudden death of our precious son, Eric. The Lord carried me through many a dark night.With God’s strength it helps to face each day,but there is always a hole in your heart.I miss Eric everyday & just wish I could give him a hug.I feel like I know Savannah since you have spoken about what a lovely young lady she was. Please tell her parents I send my love & she will never be forgotten by those who knew her. Love & Prayers, Diana Garvey ( Sand Spring Baptist Church).

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers at this time. We need them so much. Monday will mark 4 weeks since Savannah’s passing from here. I still don’t feel it’s true and miss my Sissy so so much. I know God is here and helping and He is my only hope here. My mom keeps saying the exact same thing you said about Eric. “I just want to hug her one more time.” We appreciate everyone’s love and support and we are still trying to cope with this simply becoming a reality. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

  2. Will be praying for Savannah’s family that God’s grace and love will help them
    during this trying time.

  3. I am so sorry about your precious young friend….and you have such beautiful words to say about her. Touching lives and loving others is what life is about. I will be praying for Savannah’s family, and for you as well. Many blessings to you as you go on your journey of touching lives and loving others.

  4. Hello Dills! Oh my, we all love you so much, but Savannah was the one who always had to be right in the middle of the picture every time we saw y’all! Thank you for making her feel so special. I’ve been wearing the Dills t-shirt a lot these days. “Get behind me, Satan! You cannot prevail because JESUS NEVER FAILS!” Amen and amen! Love you guys!

  5. Savannah was part of my family. Her dad, Greg, and I are first cousins. When I got the call the morning of her death, I could not accept the news! Why??? She was only 16!! But we never know the reasoing behind the sorrows in our lives. Some days when I’m thinking of Savannah, its almost like a dream. Its like, wait a minute, shes gone!! Its been 8 months already. I know she is having the time of her life up in heaven. I have no doubt at all that is where she is at. She lived her life for the Lord and now she is getting to experience first hand what its all about!! One day, we will all be united together again and there will be no more tears and sorrows. The family circle will be complete again!

  6. I love you’re music so much and I think and pray for you Dills. I remember a lot when you would come to East 16th Street Church of God and I miss those times. I thought to ask to take a picture with you and Savannah, but I was so shy. I wish I could go back and toke that picture, but I know that I can’t. I love you guys so much and I love the Posey’s too. I pray for you all and I pray that God’s glory will be shown through Savannah’s short life here. People need Jesus and people need to get ready for He is coming back soon. I also love the song by Crystal Lewis “People Get Ready”. Life is so short and Jesus is coming back so soon. I wish people would realize this true and get saved. We have one life on this earth and I hope everyone choses to have their life reflect Jesus.

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