I Quit Music Video

I guess that I’ve found a new hobby/passion for putting together music videos. It’s Only The First Time has received nearly 10,000 views in just two weeks, so I guess I’ll keep it up! We have all been guilty to trying to fix the problems of life with our own strength… This powerful song reminds us that in order for us to truly start over we must quit trying to fix them ourselves and give them to God! He is the true answer to all of our problems! I hope that we can all say “I Quit“!


  1. Thank you for reminding all of us that we must “quit” trying to do it all on our own and seek God’s wisdom and direction. As we approach a very important decision concerning our country, my prayer is that we all will “quit” and leave the guidance to our Father in Heaven!!

  2. Thank you for reminding us that we cannot do anything on our own. We need to trust in Jesus for everything. I enjoy your music so much. Thanks for your ministry for the Lord everyday in your lives and your talents.

  3. Maybe you have inherited more from your Dad than your GIFT of GAB. You are doing a good job on the video’s.. Keep bringing honor to JESUS and you will be blessed. Love,Mom..

  4. Very humbling. Yes, we must first die in order to live, die to self and selfishness. We must truly Let Go and Let God!
    Love you ALL so much!

    Kenny & Marcella Brown
    Louisville, KY

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  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
  2. Little By Little Dill Sisters 0:44
  3. Wonderful, Merciful Savior Dill Sisters 0:52
  4. Good, Good Father Dill Sisters 0:27
  5. Amazing Grace (violin) Dill Sisters 0:22