How Do You Know The Dills?

Earlier this week, I realized that I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook!  I thought that it would be a lot of fun to have everyone post a comment to let me know how they knew me.  Naturally I do personally know most of them… but it was really neat to read everyone’s comments!  Since we have nearly 4,500 subscribers to our eNewsletter, this should be twice as much fun.  We’d love to know where and when you met The Dills!  Be sure to share a story or memory as well!

To make the deal even sweeter, we’re going to give away a FREE copy of our new HYMNS project to the 5 most interesting comments!  So, PLEASE take a moment to leave a comment… even if you posted earlier on my Facebook!  Then come back to check out all of the stories… and see who won the FREE CDs!


  1. you performed at my church last year,Southwood Baptist Church in Beech Grove Indiana…I loved the show and hope you’ll return someday.

    1. I met the Dills way back when been so long ago I don’t remember the year They were singing in Hardeman Co Tn @ Tippah Co in Ms I remember the old blue bus making it’s way down the little winding round on Hatchie Hill to the residence of Avis & Sue Wilbanks to the Sorghrum (not sure if spelled rite) Festival always good food fellowship & even better Gospel music, this was before u kids were into dating so u know how long that’s been I do remember after several yrs in 1991 my baby girl was 3 yrs old she won a recliner @ the festival I was also pianist @ Porter’s Creek Baptist Church & we booked u there as often as we could. I could think of many stories if my memory was as good as it used to be!!!

  2. Been a few years now,,not sure where it was,,,if it was an NQC Showcase or at a singing in In. Also went on a cruise also have a special Dill bag that we put to use a lot this time of yr,,,but it sure could use a Dill Hymn CD in it that’s for sure,,,sure worried and prayed for you guys the week-end of the rains and floods so glad our GOD is still there listening and answering prayers……Love you guys Judy & Jerry

  3. How do I know the Dills? 5 must be MY lucky number for I got to know each Dill boy at age 5. As their kindergarten teacher I started both of them on their school career.

    It truly warms my heart to see them as adult men.

    I love you, guys

    Miss Carolyn

  4. In the joy of our 30th anniversary, we froze with the Dills while “Singing at Sea”. Twas the coldest of cruises in two thousand ten but the heart-warming music got us heated again!

    Loved meeting you guys and so many other praising believers all in one place–one of our best anniversary trips ever!

  5. I met your group several years ago when the group performed at First Assembly of God in Butler, AL. Pastor Scottie Fulcher is the senior pastor.

  6. Hi everyone left my remarks on FB but will put here Me meet the Dills at the Strand Theater in Millington Tenn…and Loved them every since along with the Johnson that are no singing I guess but miss them also
    Hope every thing ok with the storm and your doing o.k. God Bless Always George

  7. We had the pleasure of hearing you at GMC Scotland, and look forward to a repeat visit???
    It was a very memorable weekend, which I know you enjoyed as well.
    Keep up the dance moves Shane!! and we’ll look forward to seeing you again this side of the water.

  8. We met The Dills at East 16th Church of God in Muncie, IN. You have returned each year, and we make it a priority to be there to see and hear you. The Dills are people that you feel like you’ve known forever after meeting them only one time. We can see the Spirit of the Lord in each of your lives, and your influence through music lasts forever in ours. Now my family in GA know about The Dills, too, and have been to see and hear them down there. Thank you for your ministry. Simply put, “We love The Dills!”

  9. I met you (Tim) in a class taught by mutual friends on good Internet promotional techniques.

    Now at that time I had one of your earlier CDs, but I’d only listened to it once. In fact, I’ve still—gasp—only listened to it once. I hadn’t realized that when I started typing, but honesty must come first. 🙂

    So rather than liking your music and then finding out you were a nice guy, I did it all backwards. I decided you were a really nice guy first!

    Oh, and when Story of a Lifetime came out, I decided I liked your music, too. And despite having plenty of competition, since I have 21,404 tracks in my iTunes, I’ve still returned to it a dozen times to keep playing it. 🙂

    As to meeting you in person: I saw your hair from a distance any number of times at NQC last year. (That’s how I knew it was you. Not too many white guys there with Afros!) But I don’t think we actually were both free at the same time until the end of the last day, when it was too late to do more than shake hands.

  10. I met you at Grace Baptist Church in Murray, Ky. I remember your baby girls Logan and Kaela were not even a year old at the time. I believe you have been back again since that time. I have your cd “faith”. I love the songs Outside of heaven, Jesus never fails, water in the wilderness, The cross, I am redeemed and Just the beginning for me. Well, I may as well say all of them. But, pretty much these are my favorites on this album. Thank you and God bless, Dawn

  11. You and your family sang at our Church in October a couple of years ago. The youth group was starting a Media Fast and were coming to my house for a huge weekend. We had a moonbouonce waiting for us there and you guys, after spending time with my in-laws, Sidney and Carole Craig, you came down and joined the kids in the moon bounce. The only one who did not jump, was your wife, because she was carrying the two precious gifts that God gave to you guys. After clowning around with the youth, one of them asked for you guys to sign your autograph. Seeing that we were outside, all they had to offer as paper were their flip-flops and tennis shoes and a Sharpie. They still talk about the “Famous Peeps” who jumped with them on that cold night. Thank you for that memory.

  12. I have enjoyed and been blessed by The Dills singing at my church for the past few years. I am a proud member of Cloverleaf Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.

  13. I met you when you sang in my church, Freedom Life Ministries, in Piqua, OH about a year ago, maybe a little longer. We were priveleged to hear you because you needed a place to sing that night and we were open to have you come. What a blessing it was!

  14. My wife and I first met you when you were filling in (I think)with Four Fold at our church (Jones Chapel Baptist Church) in Nettleton, Ms.
    YOU have been to our church twice once with Four Fold, and once with your own group. We also have seen you in Ripley, Ms.
    The last time you were at our church I call you as we were going acrose Texas tell you that we would’t be there because of a death in the family.
    We only wish we could see you more, we love your music and each of you.
    My wife is also relaited to Jeff Willis.

    In Christ always

    Katherine and Glenn Ricks

  15. Although I’ve known of your Dad from way back, I’ve been priviledged to know you from your being guests at our church’s homecoming services for a couple of years running (the 2nd was right before the twins were born) @ Calvary Baptist, Union City, TN. Enjoyed having you and were blessed by your ministry. Hope to see you all again soon!

  16. Good morning Bridget!! How I met the Dills was through that precious mom of yours!!! Betty and I met at the jewellery table at the NQC about 4 years ago…my life has never been the same!! We formed a friendship that day that is still a blessing to me!! She then took me over and introduced me to all of you very special folks!! I have been blessed ever since by the Dills and my “bling” mentor Betty!!! God Bless You and love ya!!! Denise Pederson, Bentley, Alberta, Canada

  17. I met the Dills a few years back when you performed at my church CENTERVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH at Centerville IN….it was such a moving concert that I became an instant fan…what touched me so much was when you told how you’d been trying for years to have a baby and you asked us if we would take some time out of our busy lives to remember you guys in prayer…I went thru this same struggle myself, but by the grace of God I ended up with 3 sons….now you will be having 3 girls….God truly is awesome:)

  18. The first time I met you was at a singing in Jackson. A friend of mine introduced us. But then you came to Junction Church of God and our pastor prayed that your wife would become pregnant. I am sure you remember that and within a few weeks I believe that prayer was answered!

  19. We first met Bridget when she worked at the day care at West Jackson Baptist Church in Jackson, TN where she kept our son (Dustin, who is now almost 16). We lucked into having Tim as our MetLife agent when he took over the MetLife office here and gave us a call because we had been a MetLife customer. Since then we have come to love them more and love their music. Their new cd, Hymns, is very precious to me as I played it over and over for my mother during her last days before going to meet the Lord just a couple of weeks ago.

  20. I met you all on the cruise ship in February 2007. We were in the audience the night Tim Lovelace prayed over Tim and Bridget for a child. That prayer and the Dills impressed me so much I immediately signed up for email alerts, etc. from you guys. Imagine my joy when several months later God answered that prayer two-fold! I’ll always remember that cruise as such a special time, and that particular memory is one that will always be extra special to me. Love you guys!!!

  21. How could I not know the Dills? You guys are one of the BEST Southern Gospel groups out there today! I always enjoy your music. I enjoy playing it all day at our Gospel Station WEKC 710 am ( Im a DJ). Yall are a part of our daily line up!

  22. We saw you guys on the Singin’ at Sea 2009 and loved you and your music! We will see you again in 2011. Can’t wait!!

  23. Tim,
    The Dills were booked for a singing at Freedom Baptist Church in Ranburne Ala. on a Sunday night several years ago. You shared with us about that for years that you and your wife wanted to have a baby. The church came down and prayed for God to bless both of you with a baby. OH THE POWER OF PRAYER! The Dills without a doubt have been a blessing to me and our church. Don’t ever give up.

  24. I remember meeting Tim and Shawn when they were mere boys. Their Mom and Dad came to Bethlehem Baptist Church in Greenfield TN. to sing for us at our yearly homecoming day many many years ago. Their Dad was shaping and trying to mold them then. I was pretty young myself at that time. God bless you guys!

  25. I met the Dills for the first time when you all came to Frog Jump, TN to Archer’s Chapel for a 5th Sunday Singing. Your sweet spirit and love for the Lord touched my heart and I’ve been a fan ever since!

  26. The Dills sang at Union Baptist Church in Lexington Tn. No personal relationship with the group. Greg Powers (Four Fold) invited you to sing. Glad you came to sing at our church

  27. I met you guys first when you came to Tahlequah, OK to Park Hill Baptist Church. I am Pam from Tulsa!!!! I also was on the 2010 Singing At Sea Cruise with you guys!!

  28. I met you guys and have been listening to you since I started to listen to The Johnsons (LeeAnn’s family group for those of you that don’t know them) at the Strand Theatre in Millington,TN. I grew to know and love those people(LeeAnn’s mom Pat is precious to me!!!) and saw The Dills for the first time there at the Strand. I follow you and don’t get to see you as much since you travel all over,but when I see you are back home I get really excited cause I love you and your message of the Love of God that you share with others!!! Keep on sharing!!!

  29. I met the Dills when they were still singing with Cecil and Nadine. Cecil and Nadine joined Parkview Baptist when my husband was pastor there. We enjoyed it very much when the children visited with Cecil and Nadine while the group was gone somewhere too far away to keep the children out of school. You see, I taught the S.S. class that they attended. All of you are dear to my heart even though I haven’t got to know the babies as well as Shawn’s. Love keeping up with where you go and what you are doing. I dearly love the “word” each week.
    Much love in Christ,

  30. I first saw The Dills at a church in Miamisburg, Ohio this past spring. A friend of mine previously had loaned me her Dills CDs to listen to. I also sing in a gospel quartet, and my friend thought we could do the same type of songs. I love the sincere attitude of worship that comes through their singing–even when they are being entertaining too! Blessings on you and your ministry.

  31. I attended The Dills concert at Faith Baptist Church in Vero Beach,Fl.I really enjoyed your group and signed up for your newsletter.I thank each of you and pray God will bless your ministry.In Christ,Susan

  32. I first met the Dills at Main St. Church of God in Anderson Indiana when you came and did a concert there about 2 years ago. I fell in love with the group right there. That was when the twins were soon to arrive and I have so enjoyed following the pictures on your website. I have seen you a few times and I always try to see you whenever you are in the area. Thanks for sharing the gifts God has given you. Keep up the great work.
    Anderson, IN

  33. You have performed at our church twice in IN since we have been attending there. You are such a blessing to hear. We often listen to your CD “Hymns”. LUV IT! Can’t wait till you return and God bless you all!

  34. I first met you at a few singing fund raiser events in Jackson TN. I later found out that you know my son Jeff Clark. Your light has shown on him more than you probably realize. Mamas always pray for God to send the “Right” people into our children’s lives…I think he did! Even just one simple word can change a life forever and sometimes we don’t even realize that it came from us. Now help me pray for the “right” people to come into his brother’s life! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!…<3

  35. I met the Dill’s at the 2009 Singing at Sea Cruise. It was a wonderful time.

  36. I had the privilege to work with Bridget when she was in High School. She was a great talent then and an even stronger witness for the Lord now.

    Take care,

    Tom Grant

  37. We met the Dill’s at the 2007 Quartet Convention. Tim was the first one my sister and I talked to. She was moving from Canada down to the Memphis area. He, then Sahwn offered to help her with anything she needed, and gave her a number to call if they could help out in any way. Well, after that offer, we had to buy a cd, or two. We also said that if they were down in her area we would be sure to go. On one of our trips down ther low and behold the Dills were in concert – so after getting very lost, and arrving very late, we got to meet everyone one else. But what made an even bigger impression was Shawn remembered making the offer to help and asked why she didn’t call.

  38. I met yall when yall sang at my church. Bartlett hills baptist when yall brought the babies and they looked so cute. Wish u guys can come back 2 batlett hills

  39. I met you on 2009 singing in the sea cruise. My husband had arranged this for our 5th wedding ann. It was the best gift a person could ever been given. I was experiencing a little bit of heaven for a week. What a great time.The only thing I didn’t like was having to make so many decisions of who,what, where, and when I had to be. No sleep but just practicing for heaven. Can’t wait to see you again Praise God

  40. Wow – it has been a while…My step-brother saw you all in Rocky Mount Virginia and was really blessed. When you all came to Roanoke again, our family came to see you. Afterwards we went out to eat and that “sealed the bond”! We have been singing with you (from the audience) and going out to eat after your concerts ever since. We love you all and feel like you are part of our family!

  41. Hi guys,

    I met Tim at NQC. We spoke about the Crabb Family then mentioned he was part of a quartet The Dills. I thought that was a strange name for anything not to mention a gospel quartet. Tim then introduced me to his parents who were setting in the chairs in front of us.

    We spoke about getting them a venue in Roanoke—and we did just that. The Dills are the BEST all round group in the business. I tell everybody they live the lives they sing about.

  42. My husband does solo’s occasionally for our church and is always wishing he had something “different” or “new” so I usually listen as I travel in the car or work around the house for that “special” song. One day I heard it – “The Closer I get get to the Cross” and I was sold not only on the song but on you as a group. Bristol Tn Ave Baptist is just a hop, skip and jump from Jackson, come on over and see us!

  43. I met The Dills, several years ago when they headlined a singing at our little church in Cleveland Georgia. At this time when I heard Tim and Bridgets story about having a family. We prayed that God would see your hearts desire, boy has he been working for you. I feel in love with the music and personalities of all of them. They are my most favorite group.

  44. You came to our church, the Dahlonega Church of God before you had the twins. The next time you came, you had been blessed with twin daughters. God is so good. We really enjoyed your singing and hope you come back.

  45. WOW you have lots of friends, and I know why. You and your group are a very special, wonderful group. I met you when you came to Richmond, VA to sing at First Free Will Baptist Church where I attend. Then, on “Singing at Sea” had to opportunity to talk with you. Second year on the cruise we signed up to attend SAS with the Dills and again we are signed up to go with you all in 2011. Love all the stories about the twins, (they are beautiful) and cannot wait to see the new little girl when she arrives. You all are so precious, my favorite indeed.

  46. I met the Dill’s at Temple Baptist Church in Milan a couple of years ago. It was truly love at first sight. Have got to see them at Temple again since then. Everytime is like the first time. God Bless You All.

  47. I met the Dill’s at Tabernacle of Praise (Muncie, Indiana) several years ago when Tim and Bridget recieved prayer that they might have a baby and God answered prayer they had 2. All are such a blessing and we always look forward to being with them again. God bless you as your bless others.

  48. My husband the you Dill’s through Bridget Mon Betty.
    Betty and her husband Danny were coming to our dance class.

    Bill and Hester Yates

  49. LeeAnn grew up down the street from us in Twin Lakes Sub. Her mom and dad are still neighbors as well as fellow church members at Munford Baptist Church. Have heard her family, the Johnsons as well as her married family, the Dills in concert many times. The first time we heard the Dills perform was at Munford Baptist. Karsyn is a huge fan and knows the words to every song she has heard you guys sing. We love you all and give God the Glory for the wonderful work you do for Him.

  50. Our group New Dawn sang with the Dills several years ago somewhere in Tennessee. The Dills were singing with their Mom and Dad at that time. Loved the Dills then and love them now. Awesome group!!!!

  51. I met the Dills at their booth at NQC and it was the year before the twins were born. I’ve received and enjoyed the newsletter(email) ever since. Have never
    seen/heard the group in concert yet, but hope to someday. Your website and newsletters are always interesting and I feel like I know you…..even though
    I really don’t.
    Blessings to all of the Dills.

  52. I go to the Winton Rd First Church of God/Pastor Elliott, and Pastor Buriff. I have been going there about 5 years now and in that time I have been to every show you have had there since my time there. I love each and everyone of you. I have purchased several of your items and have a couple of your CD’s.

    You are all a great inspiration and God Bless all of you and your Families.

    Thank You.

  53. I met you at the crusade at hardin ky and now now you are singing at our homecoming at symsonia baptist church i can’t wait i have told everyone how awesome you are maybe everyone of you will have a fast move,just kidding.

  54. How do know The Dils well we have know Tim,since he was verygood playing drums for his family group and was singing Tenor, Shawn was playing the piano and was singing low part with the family.Tim looks just like Cecil Dill, his dad, BLESS HIS HEART and eben acts like him. Shawn married Leann who was with her family, The Johnsons. Bridget them came along and married Tim and the God knew that the perfect group had been put to gether and would be the ones that would uplift the name of Jesus! If you haven’t hear them, you know what you are missing! I may pick on Tim a lot, but my sister and love this group and what a blessing they are!!!!

  55. I knew Shawn and Tim when they were barely old enough to get on the stage with their Mom and Dad. It has been amazing watching them grow up and be the great men of God they are today. I am also glad they found Leeann and Bridget, these two would have never made it without them.

  56. We had the pleasure of hearing your beautiful music at the United Methodist Temple in Russellville, KY, several years ago. Following your singing for our congregation, we had the opportunity then to visit with you individually. We bought some of your cd’s at the same time and have enjoyed playing them here at home since you were at our church.
    Enjoy your newsletter and hearing about your various concerts…
    Continued best wishes… you are a blessing to us all.

  57. calvary baptist church in connersville, indiana, is where i met the dills. the story, i am afraid wasnt interesting, but i am very glad they came. they have a wonderful talent that they use for God.

  58. I met ya’ll at First Assembly of God in Plant City, FL.
    I love your music, it is so real.

  59. I met the Dills at Grace Baptist Church in Millington, TN. I was visiting my brother and attended church with him and his family and we are so glad we did! My family and I loved their music minstry and continue to enjoy them now, 5 years later! I am still trying to get my church up here in Cincinnati OH to invite them to share their beautiful voices with us! I have also travelled to Franklin, OH to hear them. Keep up the wonderful work! Love Ya!

  60. Met the Dill’s at Parkview Baptist Church Homecoming (Jackson, Tn.) a couple of years back.

  61. I met the Dills in Vero Beach,FL at Faith Baptist Church, Pastor Burt Wilson minister. We are snow birds from
    Ellicottville, NY, a ski resort near Buffalo,NY and fell in love with the Dills and their music and those sweet babies. God Bless you all.

  62. The Dills have been friends since July 1981 when I went to Tiptonville to pastor the Reelfoot Church of God. They amazed me then and still amaze me. They sang as a mother, father children group with Shawn playing the piano and Tim (on the drums?)We have known them before they became ‘rich and famous’ We loved them then and we love them now. They will be singing at the Powell’s Crossroads Church of God the 30th of May in the Morning service. we are located near Whitwell Tn, 20 miles West of Chattanooga on Hwy 283. Come and hear them. God Bless . Pastor John Yeoman

  63. I grew up with Cecil and Nadine in Tiptonville, Tn. I can remember Shawn and Tim as very small children. Shawn started playing the piano and Tim played the drums for their family group, before dropping mom and dad and adding Bridget and LeeAnn. Shawn worked with my husband at Komatsu and LeeAnn cleaned his teeth. Tim has proven to be a good business man and we will continue to pray for safety and endurance as you strive to do God’s will.

    Hey Guys, mom and dad did a great job.

  64. I can remember when Tim was introduced as Timothy and Shawn was still wearing diapers playing the piano in Ridgley TN!!! Tim’s voice was squeky, and shawn barley would talk to you however he didn’t mind looking for the home phone timothy had forgot to take off the back of the truck!!! Then I also remember how they painted their bus, lets see, did that roller come from wal-mart? However, I can say this, their parents raised them right, hang on I forgot to think about TIMOTHY when I typed that, lead them down the road to southern gospel music and they haven’t forgotten that! Plus, I can also remember Leann when she was just a wee little girl!! So hang in there little dills, you have some big shoes to fill, wait a minute, I once again forgot about TIMOTHY!!!!!

  65. My husband and I are former pastors of the Reelfoot Church of God back in the days when Shawn, and Tim were somewhere around the “teen” ages. Shawn played the piano, and Tim played the drums and sang with their mom and dad. One of my favorites was, “I Think I’ll Read It Again!” I can still remember being impressed with their southern “Twang” when I first heard them talk. The whole family was a joy to us during our time there.

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