Happy New Year!

I made a short list of things that I needed to do before 2010 became history.  One of the things at the top of my list was to let you know how much The Dills appreciate your prayers and support.  This past year has been one with many challenges, struggles and problems… but also one that has brought many smiles, laughs and victories!  Whenever I take the time to examine my life, I realize exactly how much I have been blessed!  One of the greatest blessings for me in 2010, was the gift of Macie Hope Dill on June 28th.  It’s hard to believe that she’s already 6 months old and Ansleigh and Bryleigh will be 3 years old in May!  WOW!  When Bridget and I realized that she was pregnant, and the twins were only 16 months old, we freaked out!  We didn’t know how we would handle another baby!  Needless to say, God has a way of working things out. 🙂  Everyone is happy and healthy (well… most of the time) and for that, I am extremely thankful!

There’s no way to share all of the great memories that 2010 brought, but I can assure you that “YOU” had a part in making them a reality.  Whether we get to see you often or only once every few years, your friendship, thoughts and prayers are valued more that you may realize.

What awesome things did God do in your life in 2010?  What are you expecting from Him in 2011?   We,d love to know!

Until next year,
The Dills


  1. So many people are hurting right. My prayer is that they will come to really know Christ. Only in Him is true comfort.
    God has a plan for us all. I hope I can stand back and let Him lead my life. I am so blessed!
    Happy New Year to your family!

  2. God has been really good to us in many ways. He has blessed Jimmy with countless places to preach, and me with travel with him sometimes. Sometimes I stayed and went to Englewood so I wouldn’t miss our wonderful Sunday School class taught by Dr. Linn Stranak who works with the Athletic Department at Union. Jimmy has undergone some health issues this year. He was “blessed” with the largest thyroid gland that has been removed in the history of General Hospital here in Jackson. Besides that, it had a goiter with four nodules on it–two the size of small chicken eggs!!. That was all removed on December 2. He had previously been bitten by an Australian Blue Heller with large hematomas that had to be lanced by a surgeon in October. I have been healthy except for having pneumonia once this year. We thank God every day for life and for health that we do have now in our elder years. May God bless all of you more than you could ever dream that He will this coming year!!!We are expecting great things from Him this year as we have received every year since Jimmy and I started our ministry for Him 48 years ago!!! I can’t believe it has been that long!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Love in Christ,

  3. when are you guys coming out with a new cd with new music on the radio, story of a life time is 2 yrs old and it’s time for some new music from the dills……..

    1. Hey Dennis…
      Great to hear from you. We’re actually picking out the songs for a new project. We should be getting arrangements together, tracks cut and start on the vocals over the next few weeks. Stayed tuned for more details as to an anticipated release date. Again, thanks for keeping us on our toes! 🙂

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