Great News for EnLighten!

We just received confirmation from the Program Director of Enlighten, Marlin Taylor, that Sirius/XM has reversed their decision to remove the channel from the Sirius/XM broadcast lineup!   
Over the past several days, the Management of Sirius/XM has become suddenly aware of the large audience that loves Gospel Music, and listens to it in their vehicles equipped with Sirius/XM Radio receivers.  Many of you have contacted Sirius/XM Radio to voice your disappointment in the scheduled removal of Enlighten from the broadcast lineup, and your voices have been heard!
Beginning Wednesday May 4, Enlighten will move to Channel 18.  This channel has been reserved for special programming, and will be the temporary home of Enlighten until a new channel can be created.  It will also be available on Channel 805 for those who listen online, via their computers or “Smart Phones”.   
If you are a Sirius/XM subscriber, it would be a good idea for you to call or write to Sirius/XM, to let them know you are happy about their decision to keep Gospel Music on Sirius/XM!   
Again… beginning Wednesday May 4, you will be able to hear Gospel Music (Enlighten) on Channel 18 on your Sirius/XM Radio. 

  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
  2. Little By Little Dill Sisters 0:44
  3. Wonderful, Merciful Savior Dill Sisters 0:52
  4. Good, Good Father Dill Sisters 0:27
  5. Amazing Grace (violin) Dill Sisters 0:22