Easter At Home!

We had an amazing time at home with family and friends over the Easter weekend.  Bridget and I spent Sunday afternoon at her grandmother’s house.  Ms. Millie is 91 years old and still knows how to entertain a house full of guests in style!  Ansleigh and Bryleigh took part in their first Easter Egg hunt and did extremely well.  You’ll have to check out the photos of the big event!  On Monday, Shawn and LeeAnn spent the day with the girls and took them to the park to play.  They definitely had a big time with “Uncle Shawn” and “Aunt LeeLee”!

One day last week, Ansleigh and Bryleigh decided to open the front door and go out into the yard to play… unsupervised!  Once Bridget noticed that the house was extremely quiet and the front door was open, she ran outside to find them in the yard with their Papa and Nana who live right next door! (I think that I was at least 4 or 5 years old before I ran away from home! LOL)  So now we have locks to keep the bad guys out… and latches to keep the bad girls in!   I also spent a couple of days installing nearly 200 feet of fence to keep them contained in the back yard!  That should keep us all secure for at least a few months… I hope!

As you can tell we’ve had a lot happening around our house… but what about you?  What did you do last weekend?  Any “runaway” stories you’d like to share?  We’d love to from you!


  1. Runaway story: When I ws 5 or 6, my parents were Sr. High Youth group sponsors. At one of the meetings, one of the guys told me he’d come pick me up and take me somewhere. When I got home, I packed up my little pink suitcase and sat on the stoop to wait for him. My parent’s couldn’t get me to come in cause I was waiting for Calvin. They eventually gave up and called him…he picked me up and took me for a ride somewhere and all was good.

  2. When I was about 5 or 6 I was upset with my parents about something and tried to runaway. I packed a few things and started out of the yard, when I heard my dad say ” we’ll pray that the angels will watch over you”. It hit me so hard I just sit down on the ground and cried. Needless to say I couldn’t leave then.

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