Bus Repair!

Most people never see all the work that goes into keeping a gospel group on the road. There’s a lot of things that happen way before we hit the stage for a concert! Bus repair is just one of the things that we “love” to do. It always surprises folks to find out that we do 99% of the maintenance on our 1998 Prevost XL bus… We’ve always said that we could afford a bus, but could not afford to pay someone else to work on it or drive it for us! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this short video of our most recent bus repair and we hope to see you soon!

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  1. Nice to know that other singers have to play mechanic every now and then. When I was with the Weatherfords, we did all our own work. Down side was some of the places we had to do the work (side of the road in W. Tx. at midnight etc. ). Part of the fun of being a gospel singer I guess. Keep up the singing and the bus work!

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  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
  2. Little By Little Dill Sisters 0:44
  3. Wonderful, Merciful Savior Dill Sisters 0:52
  4. Good, Good Father Dill Sisters 0:27
  5. Amazing Grace (violin) Dill Sisters 0:22