Sound Of Hallelujah by Macie Dill

Last week we posted a video of our twin girls, Ansleigh and Bryleigh singing!  Macie (our 2 year old) was extremely jealous and was not going to be out-done by her older sisters.  Take a minute to check out this short video of Macie singing her favorite song by The Dills, “The Sound Of Hallelujah”!  Be sure to let her know what you think!

These Hands by Ansleigh & Bryleigh

It always puts a smile on our faces when we hear our kids sing. Most of the time it’s riding down the road or while they’re running around the house playing. I guess that singing has already become a big part of their lives and it’s such a beautiful thing to hear them singing about Jesus! We slowed them down long enough to record this short video of These Hands… which happens to be our brand new radio release! Check it out and let them know what you think!

Website is Now Apple Friendly!

It seems like a lot of people are using mobile devices these days to surf the web. A couple of months ago, I bought Bridget an iPad for her birthday and after spending a little time with it I realized that certain things on our own website were not working properly. Like so many other websites, our music players depended on “Flash” to function properly and since the iPad/iPhone does not support “Flash”, our music players were completely invisible on these devices! So, after a bit of research (and work) this problem is now solved! Now, the music players on our website are HTML5 based players and are fully functional on any device! 🙂 So if you have visited our site in the past on an Apple mobile device, head over now and see what you’ve been missing! What type of device do you use to view our emails/website?  We’d love to know!

Dill Twins Turn 4

Ansleign and Bryleigh celebrated their 4th birthday last week on May 29th! It was all they had talked about for the past month and they had their invitation list ready as well as all of the party requirements detailed! They only had 3 things on their list:

  1. Friends from church.
  2. A jumper/slide.
  3. A “Strawberry Shortcake” cake.

As you can see from these pictures we made sure that we did what we could to meet all of their requests. 🙂 The only thing that I wished they had asked for was cool day for the party… it was sunny and a scorching 98 degrees! Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures on the Photos page.

Victory Chant!

Our church’s Easter musical this year contained a song that Ansleigh & Bryleigh absolutely fell in love with! This was recorded a few weeks ago and I thought you’d like to see it! Do you enjoy this kind of stuff? Want to see more? Leave a comment and let us know!

April Updates!

Hey friends,
I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s been happening lately. We’ve had several wonderful concerts and services in April and we’ll wrap up the month this weekend with 2 concerts close to home in Tennessee… get the details below or on our schedule!

I also want to give everyone an update on my mom, Nadine Dill. Last Sunday night we were finishing our final song at Morning Star Baptist near Chattanooga, TN when we received a disturbing phone call. My dad had gone with us on the bus to see some old friends, but mom chose to stay home. They tend to do everything together, so this was very unusual that they would be apart. Mom had passed out during the Sunday night service at their church in Jackson, TN and the ambulance was called out. Needless to say, we were all scared and felt completely helpless. My dad shared the news with the congregation at the end of the service and the pastor led in special prayer for her.

After the service we got complete details of what had occured and were relieved to find out that some friends had taken mom home. The paramedics had checked her out and gave her permission (although knowing my mom that was likely her idea!). We did convince her to go see a doctor on Tuesday, followed up by a stress test on Wednesday and she’s going to see a cardiologist tomorrow (Friday). They have indicated that she has a slow heart beat and during her stress test on Wednesday, her heart began to skip so they stopped the test. That is all that we know at this time! Hopefully she will find out more tomorrow after she visits the cardiologist.

Thanks for your prayers and support in all that we do!  We appreciate it more that you’ll ever know.

God Bless,

Home for Easter!

The Dills - Home for Easter

This picture puts a smile on my face every time I see it and hopefully it will help brighten your day! We had a wonderful time spending Easter at home this year. Most of the time we find ourselves on the road, but this year it was so refreshing to just be “normal” for a change. Take a moment to check out all of the pictures on the Photos page!

Bridget & I kicked off our weekend on Friday night participating in a simulcast with 50,000 other believers called Secret Church, led by David Platt. This was our 3rd time to participate in this 6 hour event and it’s definitely a life changing experience. I encourage you to check it out and participate next year on Good Friday! Saturday was full of time with family, food, fellowship and egg hunting for the girls! On Sunday, we concluded our weekend at our home church celebrating the greatest day in the history of our faith… the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ! May we never forget the price that he paid for our redemption!

This weekend we hit the road again headed to Kentucky & Ohio for 3 concerts. Please pray for safe travels and that lives will be changed!

Loss Of A Friend!

Beverly JobeI often wonder if anyone reads what we write or if they just look at the pictures! I guess that we all have to choose what is worthy of our time and this week I’ve truly been reminded of what should be important in life. Last week, Bridget received a message from a friend (Beverly Jobe) on Facebook asking about our schedule in Indiana this past weekend. She was planning to come see us on Sunday night in Anderson, IN. We were all extremely shocked to receive a call on Saturday morning from a mutual friend asking us to pray for Beverly. She had just been rushed to the hospital in Indianapolis after suffering a brain aneurysm. The doctors told the family that she had no brain activity and that her chances were very slim… Bevery was pronounced dead at the hospital on Sunday afternoon! She was only 54 years old! Please pray for the entire Jobe family during this time.

We are not guaranteed another second in this life. The breath you just took could be your last. We all put our time, effort and energy into so many things that can be taken so quickly. As you are reading this, please realize that life is short and God has a purpose for your life. Are you pursuing that purpose? Is there something that you need to do today? Please don’t wait… you may miss your opportunity!

Singing, cruising & more…

Singing At Sea 2012

Hey Friends,

First of all I hope that life is good for you these days. We often jump into telling you about what’s been happening in our life, but we do realize that everyone’s life gets complicated, confusing & just plain hard sometimes… and we pray that you’re finding peace, hope & comfort in the only place that it can be found, Jesus Christ!

We have been extremely busy the past few months. We’re very excited to announce the completion our new recording, WORSHIP v.2! The response to the recording as well as performing the songs live has been absolutely amazing. It’s a huge relief to know that “you” like what we have done!

We had a wonderful experience once again on the 2012 Singing At Sea cruise hosted by Templeton Tours. You can check out the pictures from the trip on the Photos page! One of the highlights this year was the “12 mile bicycle tour” at Freeport.  Shawn did not realize that it was a “scenic” ride… so he thought that he’d show off some of his stunt moves and attempt a “hand stand” (which did not end well!)  I only wish that I had it on video! 🙂 This was our 5th year to be a part of the entertainment on the Singing At Sea cruise and would like to thank Jeff Templeton for giving us that opportunity and experience. We have other plans in the works for 2013 and will be providing that information to you as soon as everything is finalized! Exciting stuff is happening!!! Can’t wait to share the news!

The bus leaves tomorrow headed back to Florida for 4 concerts this weekend. Check out the schedule for all of the details. Please pray for a safe trip and that lives will be changed!

Until next time,

  1. Jesus Messiah Dill Sisters 0:46
  2. Little By Little Dill Sisters 0:44
  3. Wonderful, Merciful Savior Dill Sisters 0:52
  4. Good, Good Father Dill Sisters 0:27
  5. Amazing Grace (violin) Dill Sisters 0:22