Ansleigh Climbing Out

WOW!!! Is it already time for this???  I was upstairs in the office when Bridget came running up in a panic.  This is what I saw when we went into the room!  Bridget had already put Ansleigh back in the crib before she came to get me.  I think that we’re gonna have to build a better mouse trap if want to keep them contained.  The girls just turned 16 months old and every day has been interesting… but I think that it is going to really get crazy now!

How old were your children when this started happening?  Any suggestions or recommendations?


  1. At this point, we put their big kid beds on the floor, put them in it and my wife sat by with a flyswatter (during nap/bed time) to insure they stayed in their beds. Enjoy every day!

  2. UHH OHH!!!! They are growing up so fast!!!! I can’t believe Ansleigh is already climbing out of her crib. I enjoyed my time with them last night..thanks for letting me spend time with them and help spoil them and be small part of their lifes. I love them sooo much!!!! Aunt Jen

  3. I know before I say this that it will sound crazy BUT when my son tried this lil number I raised his crib mattress up in the bed. The height of the mattress and the distance to the floor scared him into staying put. I think maybe he couldnt get the leverage needed to hoist himself up and over the side. It worked for me!

  4. My oldest was 18 months. Second was 21 months. Thank God Rachel hasn’t tried it yet. She’s also 16 months. It would be pretty hard for her to climb out though….her crib is jumbo large. :o)

  5. Little monkey! Ours was about that and we went for the toddler bed. I was so afraid he would try it at night and hurt himself! Buy yourself a king bed if you don’t have one already. 🙂

  6. Our oldest daughter was about that age when she fell and broke her arm climbing out of her crib.

  7. How true the fun is just now going to start and you can not give them back like grandparents or Aunts and Uncles….Its all your fun…
    Tell You Mom and Dad HI also Lee Ann’s Mom and Dad we miss all the great times at the Strand Music Hall
    Do you still go their or did they close know Billy was sick for a while then haven’t heard anything from the group in Millington

  8. Yep, Time for the toddler beds, BUT if you want to keep them in the crib a little longer, install bars (like that’s on the sides) across the top. But not for too long, it could stunt their growth. LOL

    Second thought, go for the toddler beds. LOL

  9. Our oldest is 44 years old, so it has been awhile, but we left the side down on his crib. Of course we felt like the world’s worst parents but he never did figure it out. Probably the same effect as raising the mattress. Thanks for reminding me of those precious days.

  10. When Wesley and Erica started that (both around the same age as yours) we went with the toddler bed. Within the last year Wesley (now 4) has moved into a regular full bed.

    1. I’m with like every body else its time for the toddler beds.I’ve got another idea.You should put an elec. fence around their cribs.Lol

  11. I vote toddler beds! I don’t remember Rebekah trying too many times to climb out of her bed!!!! But be ready for them not wanting to stay in their toddler beds either!!!! Rebekah slept on floor next to us for a while…or we sat by her bed until she went to sleep..of course, that included back rubs!!!! Have fun! It’s only just begun!

  12. I was one of those lucky ones, my twin boys were not climbers! But, I had them in their twin beds with side guards when they turned 2 years old.

  13. I have a little girl who is seventeen months. I recently had to lower the mattress…again! See if you can lower the mattress another notch. If not, sounds like it’s toddler bed time. Good luck!!!

  14. We have 3 girls, and their ages are 46, 44, and 39 so it’s been quite some time. Only the middle daughter climbed out of her crib. We moved her to a lower bed with a rail on the side– Just a long rail you can get to fit under the mattress. We put the other side of the twin bed next to the wall. She did fine in this til she was about 24 months old, and she wanted to come get in the bed with us. That was really a time of trial!!. We finally got her to stay the whole night in her bed after about three or four bouts of crying for about 10 minutes bedore she went back to sleep.

  15. I say it’s time to get toddler beds! When Rachel was still in her crib (around the same ages as your girls) she climbed out and came in our bedroom and Keith told her to go back to bed and she did!! LOL… We still to this day don’t know how she did it, but after that we got her a toddler bed!!

  16. My Son is now 61 & I never remember any problems with his getting out of bed – but then I am 84 years young & do have problems with memory at times!!~~ I just enjoy hearing of your twins & other peoples comments. I am a twin & my Mom never owned a baby bed, crib, high chair or any of the conveniences, yet she did a fine job with us & had 2 boys in school, plus Dad in the barber shop every day with a white shirt, AND 19 months after we were born, had another set of twins, one of which was stillborn. Raised us all 3 as triplets. Raised by Christian parents…that alone is the key I believe. Then all other problems can be worked out successfully. Look forward to having your group back in our area one day.

  17. FUN,FUN,FUN!!!!I agree…time for toddler beds. I know you cann’t believe that your girls are ready for toddler beds, the same way I cann’t believe my little guy goes to school next Aug. I just put the twin mattress on floor for awhile, then got twin bed and used a rail on one side and the other side against the wall. Good luck and God Bless “The Dills”!!!

  18. It looks like your cribs convert to beds and that you have another level to go down. So, you could either convert to the beds and purchase side rails (they’re usually plastic and you can get them at Wally-World) or try lowering the mattresses to the lowest level. I wish you the best of luck – my daughter didn’t climb out of the crib but she climbed UP everything else! Blessings!

  19. Go with the toddler beds. My Bridget tried this at a much younger age but never managed to do it. Her crib was solid on both ends and very deep. Have lots of fun and cherish these times.

  20. Hey I was 3 years old.I would get a higher bed or take the side off so they don’t have to clime!

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