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Hallelujah!!!  This past Sunday morning in Cartersville, GA we saw 3 lives that were eternally changed!  During the invitation time of the service 2 young ladies came and accepted Christ… and then after the service had ended, another young girl gave her heart to the Lord too!  It was one of those services that we wished would never end!

But when God really pours out a blessing such as that, you know that the devil is not too far behind to put out your fire.  As soon as we got on the bus, we realized that we had a really bad air leak.  We did not have time to work on it since we had to get to Hixson, TN for the service Sunday night.  So we carefully drove on to Hixson with the bus leaning drastically to one side.  We did not even get a chance to look at the problem until after the concert was over… (which was another great service!)  Our friend Bob Haynes and his son helped us take off one of the wheels to find the problem.  It was a busted air bag on the tag axle!  That sounds bad… but it was the best news that we could have received.  You see, the tag axle on the bus can be raised which stopped the air leak until we got home.  Isn’t it great to know that God Is In Control?

I also wanted to let you know that LeeAnn’s birthday is on Wednesday, November 2nd!  You can leave her a message below.  I’m sure that she’d love to hear from you!

See ya soon,

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